Cars 3 rolls into cinemas this week

14th July, 2017

New in cinemas this week is Pixar's Cars 3, which charts the latest adventures of Lightning McQueen, who finds his dominance as the world's premiere speed racer under threat from a new generation of vehicles.

Also released this week is Sofia Coppola's new southern gothic drama The Beguiled, in which a wounded Civil War solider throws the various generations of women at a local boarding school into disarray when he takes shelter there; and War for the Planet of the Apes, the concluding part in the epic sci-fi series about intelligent apes inheriting the Earth, which sees Andy Serkis' Caesar coming up against a deadly human foe as the final battle for supremacy approaches.

Whichever you see, be sure to leave us your reviews!

Cars 3Cars 3 U (5+)

Duration: 109mins
Year: 2017
Director(s)Brian Fee
CastOwen WilsonChris CooperKerry WashingtonNathan FillionBonnie HuntArmie HammerLarry the Cable Guy

After years at the top of his game, Lightning McQueen is suddenly finding his dominance under threat from a new generation of speed racers, one younger, faster car in particular. In an effort to rediscover his winning ways, Lightning turns to eager young technician Cruz Ramirez, as well as some of his old friends. Building up to his exciting comeback, Lightning also finds himself drawing on lessons from his old Radiator Springs pal, the late Doc Hudson. With dazzling animation and spectacular set pieces, this film also benefits from a positive twist in who gets to be the hero.

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The BeguiledThe Beguiled 15 (14+)

Duration: 94mins
Year: 2017
Director(s)Sofia Coppola
CastKirsten DunstNicole KidmanElle FanningColin FarrellAngourie RiceOona LaurenceEmma HowardAddison Riecke

Deep in the woods of the southern US state of Virginia in 1864 sits Miss Farnsworth’s school for girls, an ageing mansion protecting Miss Farnsworth, five students and teacher Edwina Morrow from the American Civil War which rages in the near distance. One day their sheltered existence is disrupted by the discovery of an injured enemy soldier, who they take into their care. Unused to male company, the girls and teachers alike are nervous of his motivations yet fascinated by his presence. Similar in tone to the director’s previous films, this is an atmospherically shot thriller bubbling with sexual tension and female empowerment that builds to a gripping and complex ending.

Speaking to our reporter Georgia, director Sofia Coppola explained the film's Southern Gothic leanings and the Civil War setting, her own experience of the southern United States, and why she changed the point of view to the women's perspective, unlike the previous film adaptation in 1971.

Coppola also talked about how she balanaces being the writer, producer and director on a film, and revealed the unique advice that was given to her while growing up immersed in the film industry.

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War for the Planet of the ApesWar for the Planet of the Apes 12A (14+)

Duration: 140mins
Year: 2017
Director(s)Matt Reeves
CastAndy SerkisWoody HarrelsonSteve ZahnJudy GreerToby Kebbell

aesar and the apes are two years into an epic war against humans, who are now led by a ruthless and sadistic colonel. An assassination attempt on Caesar fails, but results in a devastating personal loss for him, and all hope of a peaceful coexistence extinguished. Setting out on a very personal revenge mission to confront the Colonel, Caesar must contend with his internal demons and not allow rage to overwhelm his compassion. When the two sides eventually come face to face, it becomes clear that only one species can emerge from the conflict. With truly astonishing visual effects, as well as ideas around morality and the lessons of history, this is a serious blockbuster that concludes an impressive trilogy.

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