Spider-Man swings back into cinemas this week

5th July, 2017

New in cinemas this week is Spider-Man: Homecoming, which finally brings the webslinger back into the fold with his first Marvel Cinematic Universe film. With the Marvel version of the character pitched younger, the high school antics of Peter Parker make for a fresh approach to the character, and without the need to rehash Spider-Man's origin story yet again, it gets straight down to the action!

Also released this week is post-apocalyptic thriller It Comes At Night, in which a family have carved a secluded life for themselves in the woods after a plague devastates the human race; and The Boy and the Beast, an inventive anime about a young boy who is transported to the 'beast world' and is told he will one day inherit the entire kingdom.

Whichever you see, be sure to leave us your reviews!

Spider-Man: HomecomingSpider-Man: Homecoming 12A (11+)

Duration: 133mins
Year: 2017
Director(s)Jon Watts
CastTom HollandMichael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr.Jon FavreauMarisa TomeiDonald GloverZendayaTyne Daly

Following his earlier appearance with The Avengers, Peter Parker is desperate for his mentor Tony Stark to make Spider-Man a full-time member of the team. Trouble is, he’s only 15, still in school, and prone to bouts of petulance and immaturity. He is also struggling with balancing being a heroic crime-fighter with the everyday concerns of a teenager and the challenge of a forthcoming national science competition. When disgruntled blue-collar employee of Tony Stark, Adrain Toomes (The Vulture) emerges, intent on stealing Avengers technology to sell on the black market, Peter finds the two sides of his life brought together in unexpected ways. This energetic blockbuster balances elements of a high school movie with conventions of the superhero genre to hugely entertaining effect.

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It Comes at NightIt Comes at Night 15 (16+)

Duration: 92mins
Year: 2017
Director(s)Trey Edward Shults
CastJoel EdgertonChristopher Abbott, Carmen EjogoKelvin Harrison Jr.Riley KeoughGriffin Robert Faulkner

In a post-apocalyptic corner of a near-future America, a father has established a fragile domestic peace with his wife and teenage son, living in a cabin in the woods. They are shutting themselves away from the outside world due to a highly infectious disease that has plagued humans. When an intruder breaks into the property, the father captures him and ties him up, worried he may be carrying the disease. Instead, he is just looking for food and shelter for his own family, and the two groups form an uneasy alliance, until things get really unsettling. This tense, claustrophobic thriller is influenced by classic zombie films and is a compelling calling card for a distinctive new director in American film.

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The Boy and the BeastThe Boy and the Beast 12A (11+)

Duration: 120mins
Year: 2015
Director(s)Mamoru Hosoda
CastKumiko AsoBryn ApprillMorgan BerryJessica CavanaghLuci ChristianRiri Furanki

When Ren’s mother dies he is sent to live with distant relatives, but the upset and angry young boy runs away. When bear Kumatetsu, the rebellious heir to the throne of the beast world, happens across Ren on one of his jaunts up to the human world he decides to adopt him. Once back in the beast world, notoriously lazy Kumatetsu must prove himself by training Ren as his apprentice to be worthy of inheriting the kingdom. The similarly stubborn boy and bear butt heads during training, but form a strong bond regardless. However, when Ren nears adulthood he starts to become curious about life back in the human world that he left behind.

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