The Levelling is new in cinemas

11th May, 2017

New in cinemas this week is British family drama The Levelling, in which a trainee vet returns to the family farm following her brother’s death, to find it in dire economic circumstances as a result of recent flooding.

Also released is Ridley Scott's latest slice of sci-fi horror in Alien: Covenant, which bridges the gap between his own Promotheus and Alien; American political thriller Miss Sloane, in which Jessica Chastain plays a ruthless lobbylist dealing with gun control laws; black and white European drama Frantz, in which a pair come together as a result of a mutual loss during World War One; and canine comedy Max 2: White House Hero, in which Max the dog finds himself guarding the president at the White House.

Whichever you see, be sure to leave us your reviews! And if you're in the mood for reviewing, check out our latest Review Writing Competition, themed around the upcoming International Music Day (21 June).

The Levelling

The Levelling 15 (16+)

Duration: 84mins
Year: 2016
Director(s)Hope Dickson Leach
CastEllie KendrickDavid TroughtonJack Holden

Clover is about to qualify as a vet, until she receives news that her older brother has died very suddenly. Having become detached from the family following the death of her mother, Clover returns to the farm she grew up on in Somerset. On arrival she discovers the land has been devastated by the impact of recent flooding in the area, while her father has become sullen and withdrawn. As the funeral approaches, Clover is forced to confront him about the livestock, the future viability of the farm, and the events leading up to her brother’s death. An uncompromising portrayal of the challenges of farming and rural life that handles its sensitive material with intelligence and compassion.

To find out more about the release of this new British drama, our reporter Anisha caught up with the film's star Ellie Kendrick and director Hope Dickson Leach to find out more, discussing the difficulties of acting alongside livestock, and how director developed the complex father-daughter relationship at the centre of the film. Watch Anisha's great interview below.

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Alien: CovenantAlien: Covenant 15 (14+)

Duration: 122mins
Year: 2017
Director(s)Ridley Scott
CastMichael FassbenderBilly CrudupGuy PearceJames FrancoNoomi RapaceKatherine Waterston

Bound for a distant planet in the galaxy, the crew of the space ship Covenant discover what appears to be an unchartered paradise. However it soon becomes apparent that the reality is far darker and more dangerous than anything they could have conceived of. It is also inhabited by David, a survivor and prototype android from the doomed Prometheus expedition. Surrounded by deadly creatures, the crew must attempt a harrowing escape. This thriller takes place after the events of Prometheus, but before those of the iconic Alien, the film that launched a franchise that would change science-fiction cinema forever. It returns the saga to the out-and-out horror that made its name and established Ridley Scott as one of film’s most striking visual practitioners.

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Miss SloaneMiss Sloane 15 (16+)

Duration: 132mins
Year: 2016
Director(s)John Madden
CastJessica ChastainJohn LithgowMark StrongGugu Mbatha-Raw

Elizabeth Sloane is a powerful, no-nonsense political lobbyist working for one of the most eminent companies in Washington DC. Approached by a gun manufacturer to help block gun control legislation she unpredictably turns it down, offended by his suggestion that as a woman she could help win the female vote. Instead, she quits and moves to a rival firm to support the same legislation. Cold, controlling and determined to win Sloane employs ruthless and legally questionable tactics in her quest to win votes, only to be halted in her tracks by a police investigation into her unethical workings. But is this an attack or part of her grand plan? An intense political thriller with a strong female lead that will spark interesting political and ethical debates.

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FrantzFrantz 12A (11+)

Duration: 114mins
Year: 2016
Director(s)Francois Ozon
CastErnst StotznerJohann von BülowPierre NineyPaula BeerMarie GruberAnton von Lucke

Anna is a young German woman, mourning the loss of her fiancé Frantz in World War One, who is surprised one day to discover a French man visiting his grave. Initially suspicious of newcomer Adrien, who would have been fighting on the enemy side, the two begin to bond over their shared affection for the departed Frantz. Even Frantz’s parents, who have taken Anna in, begin to warm towards the charismatic stranger. However, as Anna’s connection with Adrien deepens, a buried secret about the nature of his relationship with Frantz starts to simmer beneath the surface.

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Max 2: White House HeroMax 2: White House Hero PG (7+)

Duration: 85mins
Year: 2017
Director(s)Brian Levant
CastLochlyn MunroFrancesca CapaldiZane Austin

Max, a Malinois dog, has been reassigned to the White House in order to protect the President of the United States. Taking over from secret service dog Butch, who is on maternity leave, he meets 12-year-old TJ – the President’s son – and the two form a close companionship. When the Russian President and his daughter Alex arrive on a state visit, TJ develops a friendship with her. However, Alex and TJ become involved in a dangerous adventure as they attempt to shield their fathers from an unknown threat, meaning that Max must come to the rescue!

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