Beauty and the Beast returns to the big screen this week

17th March, 2017

New in cinemas this week is Disney's lavish new live-action version of Beauty and the Beast, which brings the classic tale back to life with Emma Watson starring as Belle, and with Luke Evans taking the role of the misunderstood Beast.

Also released is Get Out, comedian Jordan Peele's directorial debut, a satirical comedy/horror that deals with issues of racism; Japanese animation A Silent Voice; Oscar®-winning film The Salesman; topical Spanish drama The Olive Tree; and moving documentary Gleason, about an American Football player diagnosed with a degenerative disease.

Whichever you see, be sure to leave us your reviews!

Beauty and the BeastBeauty and the Beast PG (7+)

Duration: 129mins
Year: 2017
Director(s)Bill Condon
CastEmma WatsonLuke EvansJosh GadDan StevensKevin KlineIan McKellenEwan McGregorEmma ThompsonStanley TucciGugu Mbatha-Raw

In 18th century France a vain prince is cursed by a witch when he refuses her shelter because of her appearance. Trapped within the body of a beast, and with his household staff transformed into objects, the prince’s only hope for salvation is to find someone who will love him despite his monstrous form. Meanwhile Belle, a book-loving young woman living in a small village yearns for broader horizons. When her beloved father gets lost and accidentally ends up a prisoner in the Beast’s castle, Belle selflessly offers herself in his place – and unwittingly opens up an opportunity to change her life, and perhaps the Beast’s destiny too. This charming retelling of the traditional tale adds more back story to the well-known characters, and some new songs alongside the beloved classics.

To celebrate the film's release, our young reporter Hope spoke to Evans and Gad about their on and off-screen friendships, the difference in filming live-action to voicing animation, the experience of working on such an enourmous set, and quizzed the pair on who's the better singer, dancer and horseback rider in our 'Good as Gaston' game. Watch Hope's great interviews below, and read her review of the film here.

In addition, our reporter Blesina attended the film's very special premiere, where she caught up with all of the film's stars on the red (well, blue) carpet. Find out more and watch all of Blesina's great videos here!

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Get OutGet Out 15 (16+)

Duration: 104mins
Year: 2017
Director(s)Jordan Peele
CastDaniel KaluuyaAllison WilliamsCatherine KeenerBradley WhitfordCaleb Landry JonesLakeith StanfieldMarcus HendersonBetty Gabriel

Chris and his girlfriend Rose are all set to visit her parents as a couple for the first time, even if he has reservations that he – an African-American – will be judged by her family. Rose admits to her parents’ clumsiness, but refutes any suggestions of racism. Whilst his fears appear to be initially allayed, there is a mysterious edge to the family estate – as well as strange behaviour from its inhabitants – which soon turns sinister. Get Out is all-at-once consistently comedic, a razor-sharp satire about racial identity, and a twisty, suspenseful horror full of menace and intrigue.

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A Silent VoiceA Silent Voice 12A (14+)

Duration: 130mins
Year: 2016
Director(s)Naoko Yamada
CastMiyu IrinoSaori HayamiMegumi HanYui IshikawaYûki KanekoMayu Matsuoka

The story begins with new student, Nishimiya Shoko, arriving at school. Several of her classmates are shocked to learn of her hearing impairment and, led by popular boy Ishida, take to bullying her. Nishimiya refuses to fight back and, despite her best efforts to appease the situation, it soon reaches breaking point. As a result of the fallout, Ishida’s classmates turn on him and he finds himself an outcast. Five years later, burdened by guilt and eager to make amends, Ishida tracks down Nishimiya and attempts to apologise for his actions. A Silent Voice is a sensitive film which tackles themes of disability, bullying and mental health in young people with compassion and understanding.

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The Salesman

The Salesman 12A (14+)

Duration: 124mins
Year: 2016
Director(s)Asghar Farhadi
CastShahab HosseiniTaraneh AlidoostiBabak KarimiMina SadatiFarid Sajjadi HosseiniMehdi KoushkiMaral Bani Adam

Forced to move apartments, husband and wife Emad and Rana decamp to a different building offered by a friend. Both part of a local theatre group, while Emad is out rehearsing one night, Rana stays at home and is violently attacked by a man who gets into the building. Hurt and afraid Rana struggles to come to terms with what has happened and pulls away from Emad, while he is torn between the want to revenge her attacker and what is morally right. Made by an award winning Iranian filmmaker, he is known for his poignant dramas that explore difficult personal relationships in the context of modern-day Iranian culture and socio-political issues. This is a thoughtful and at times intense thriller that reveals what happens when a loving couple is forced to cope with a shocking situation.

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The Olive TreeThe Olive Tree 15 (14+)

Duration: 99mins
Year: 2016
Director(s)Icíar Bollaín
CastAnna CastilloJavier GutiérrezPep AmbròsManuel CucalaMiguel Angel AladrenCarme Pla

Alma is a determined young Spanish farmer who sets out on a journey across Europe to try to reclaim her grandfather’s beloved thousand-year-old olive tree, sold by her father to a German company in order to fund the opening of a new restaurant. The distress this caused her grandfather has already resulted in him stopping speaking, and when he also refuses to eat Alma realizes that something must be done. Unfortunately she has no idea where the tree has ended up. Together with her friend Rafa, they pool their limited resources to try to locate the tree. The journey takes them from their relatively sparse farmland to sleek corporation headquarters, in this warm, topical drama with poignant messages around family, economic hardship and standing up for what’s right.

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GleasonGleason 15 (14+)

Duration: 109mins
Year: 2016
Director(s)Clay Tweel
CastSteve GleasonMichel Varisco-Gleason

Steve Gleason was an American Football star who played for the New Orleans Saints. He’s well-known for a winning tackle he made in the team’s first game after Hurricane Katrina, which became a nation-wide symbol of New Orleans bouncing back after the disaster. A few years later, retired from football, Gleason discovers he has ALS – a degenerative disease also known as Lou Gehrig’s. Maintaining his positive, funny, go-getting attitude, he sets out to create a video diary for his unborn son to watch later in life. Purposefully up close and personal, it movingly reveals how his wife and family both support and suffer with him. Life affirming yet emotional, this is a film about a man taking the reins of his illness and refusing to let it stop him from being an even greater hero.

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