Our 2017 Spring theme is Language

5th January, 2017

Our theme for the Spring term is Language, focusing not only on English and Modern Foreign Language cinema, but also the language of film itself.

Language is something that we use and encounter almost every waking moment of our lives. Language is the way that we communicate with one another - and not just using the written or spoken word. While English and the Modern Foreign Languages taught in schools (including French, Spanish and German) are some of the most common kinds of language we encounter, there are many different means of communication which also fall under the banner of language, including body language, sign language, and of course, the visual language of film.

Film actually first came into existence purely as a visual language medium, given that the early years of cinema were comprised of silent film due to technological restrictions of the time. Over the years, the language of cinema has grown and evolved, both as a result of developing technology, industry trends and audience demands.

Language is something that all young children will have to get to grips with, and over the years we've amassed plenty of testimonials to the power of using film as an educational tool to improve pupils' literacy skills. With many young people required to learn a Modern Foreign Language at school, European cinema provides a hugely beneficial means of seeing those languages in action and developing a greater feel for their nuances. And understanding the language of film can help the next generation to improve their own forays into filmmaking.

Throughout the Spring term we'll be exploring all aspects of Language with our free online resources, film lists and articles, encouraging young people to use film to explore languages that aren't their own, and to consider less conventional forms of language. We'll also be celebrating National Storytelling Week (28 Jan - 05 Feb), World Book Day (2 March), World Poetry Day (21 March) and Shakespeare Week (20 - 27 March) as ways of exploring themes around language. And with our annual Into Film Awards taking place in Spring, the language of film will be something we hope many young people will be enveloped in.

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