Finding Dory swims to DVD

28th November, 2016

New to DVD this week is Pixar's latest animated adventure, Finding Dory, in which everyone's favourite forgetful fish is on a mission to find her long-lost parents, learning the true meaning of family along the way with the help of some new friends.

Also released is My Scientology Movie, which sees documentary maverick Louis Theroux turn his attention to the Church of Scientology, Matt Damon returns in Jason Bourne as the CIA's most lethal former operative, who gets drawn out of the shadows to uncover more hidden truths about his past, documentary Ticked about the strange world of adult tickling competitions, and I Am Bolt, which looks at legendary Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt.

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Finding DoryFinding Dory U (5+)

Duration: 103mins
Year: 2016
Director(s): Andrew Stanton, Angus MacLane
Cast: Albert Brooks, Sigourney Weaver, Diane Keaton, Ellen DeGeneres, Dominic West, Idris Elba, Ed O’Neill

Dory is a happy blue-tang fish living in the ocean with her friends Marlin and Nemo, working as a teaching assistant. Dory also has short-term memory loss, meaning she tends to forget events seconds after they took place. As a young fish, her parents were lost and now Dory wants to set out on a quest to find them. Her adventure involves reuniting with lots of old pals, as well as a few new ones, not least Hank, the chameleonic – but rather grumpy! – octopus. The mission takes Dory into the Marine Life Institute, an aquarium for diverse ocean species, where her parents just might be found. Set one year after Finding Nemo, this sequel is just as inventive and charming, sensitively discussing issues around disability, adoption and the rehabilitation of troubled creatures.

Young reporter Gili went on an underwater adventure, meeting the cast and crew of Disney Pixar's new animated feature, including Dory herself Ellen DeGeneres.

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Jason BourneJason Bourne 12A (14+)

Duration: 123mins
Year: 2016
Director(s): Paul Greengrass
Cast: Vincent Cassel, Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Julia Styles

Returning to the screens with the director of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum Paul Greengrass, the renowned former CIA agent Jason Bourne is forced back into the world of dangerous intrigue and conspiracy in an attempt to put the final pieces of his past together. While new CIA Agent Heather Lee, hot on cyber technology, is put in charge of tracking Bourne down, the unscrupulous Head of CIA Robert Dewey is illegally courting private intel from a global internet company. The film explores the dubious parameters of police surveillance versus personal privacy in the midst of ensuring Bourne doesn’t get his hands on precious information. More violent and explosive than the previous films, this is Bourne at his tipping point – struggling to identify with who he is yet determined to put his past to bed in the only way he knows how.

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My Scientology MovieMy Scientology Movie 15 (16+) 

Duration: 97mins
Year: 2015
Director(s): John Dower
Cast: Louis Theroux

Primarily known for his TV documentaries, Louis Theroux moves into film to investigate the mysterious Church of Scientology. Despite numerous attempts to gain access to the Church and its members, Louis is not able to break through the opacity of its walls. Undeterred, he recruits ex-Scientologists to take part in filmed reconstructions of their alleged experiences. However, events take a turn for the peculiar when it emerges that the Church is also making a movie about Louis. Full of his trademark humour and eccentricity, the documentary is an expose on one of the world’s most secretive organisations.

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TickledTickled 15 (16+) 

Duration: 92mins
Year: 2016
Director(s): David FarrierDylan Reeve

Journalist David Farrier finds himself the target of homophobic abuse and threats of legal action when he begins to investigate the internet phenomenon of ‘Competitive Endurance Tickling’. Spurred on rather than put off by the deterrents aimed at them, David and his cameraman Dylan pursue several leads in the hope of finding an explanation to the hostility their enquiries have provoked. What they discover beneath the surface of what appears to be a playful website is a far-reaching “Tickling Empire” with a much darker underbelly, that causes real-life damage to those who fall foul of its enigmatic founder. Entertaining and unnerving in equal measure, this documentary serves as a cautionary tale about the hidden dangers of the internet.

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I Am BoltI Am Bolt PG (11+)

Duration: 105mins
Year: 2016
Director(s)Gabe TurnerBenjamin Turner
Cast: N/A

The achievements of Jamaican megastar and global icon Usain Bolt are extraordinary: nine Olympic gold medals, countless world championships and multiple world records. Together with this, his charismatic showmanship has endeared him to millions, often heralded as the great hope for a sport mired in controversy over the use of performance enhancing drugs. This documentary goes behind the scenes on his rigorous training regime, as well as the day-to-day obligations that come with being one of the most recognisable faces in sport, incorporating footage shot by the man himself. Chronicling the setbacks as well as the triumphs, the film showcases the dedication required to reach such a remarkable pinnacle of excellence.

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