FILMCLUB honours David Lean

18th January, 2013

This year FILMCLUB is shining a spotlight on the mercurial work of Sir David Lean. Both in life, and since his passing in 1991, the power of the acclaimed British director's work has stood the test of time.

We know from your great reviews that his movies are a hit with cinema fans and it's also clear that the film industry regard him as one of the very best directors - he won two Oscars, set the standard for spectacular cinematic epics, filmed two of the very best Charles Dickens adaptations, and even Steven Spielberg refers to Lean as his filmmaking 'guru.'

Teaming up with The David Lean Foundation

We are passionate about helping the next generation become energised and engaged by the legendary director's work.

To achieve that goal we have teamed up with The David Lean Foundation. Over the next six months we will work with the foundation to offer our members access to classic films and British cinema experts, as well as produce several resources and live webcasts to introduce the ideas behind Lean's movies and his cinematic legacy.

Club leaders resource

The discussion points, notes and activities in this resource will enable you and your club to further explore six of Lean’s films whilst sparking discussion and debate about how the movies have stood the test of time and what they can teach us about our historical past.


Film World Magazine

Film World is the only magazine in Britain made exclusively for 5 - 18-year-olds. You can read it online or print it out, and in every issue we bring you in-depth film features, puzzles and reviews, plus lots of recommendations to expand your film viewing horizons. We've created a new issue focussing on David Lean, tailored to both Primary and Secondary members:

Film World: David Lean (Primary Edition)

- A profile of David Lean
- Member reviews of British classics Oliver Twist and Great Expectations
- Quiz, quotes and trivia for the timeless Oliver


Film World: David Lean (Secondary Edition)

- A focus on Lean's directorial debut, 'In Which We Serve'
- Member reviews of Doctor Zhivago and The Bridge on the River Kwai
- Film stars telling us their favourite Lean film


 View all our Film World magazine editions

School visits and live webcasts

Ever wondered what it was like to work with Lean on his big-screen epics and fantastic Charles Dickens adaptations? FILMCLUB will give clubs the chance to find out by providing school visits and Q&A sessions from his former colleagues.

Whilst one lucky club will receive a Q&A with Sound Editor Brian Blamey who worked on Ryan’s Daughter.


In late January our clubs enjoyed a live and interactive webcast with David Lean expert and British Cinema specialist, Professor Ian Banks. Watch it again below.

You can view the Primary club tailored version here. In April's edition of FILMCLUB Live, Ian Banks will visit us again to answer all your questions on Lean’s films, his personal background and influences that made him such an unforgettable director.

Review writing competition

We've provided a brilliant opportunity for you to put your review writing skills and passion for David Lean's movies to good use. On the website we'll host a brilliantreview writing competion. Up for grabs is a brilliant behind-the-scenes prize - a visit to a film studio, including Shepperton and Pinewood Studios (the very place where A Passage to India, Oliver Twist and Great Expectations were all filmed! Keep your eyes peeled on the website for the competition launch!

An inspiration for the British film industry

On red carpets and interviews up and down the country we've been asking British actors, producers and directors which Lean movie they admire the most and the influential effect it had on their successful careers:

Tom Hiddlestone:  "Lawrence of Arabia, directed by David Lean.  My father sat me down at the age of 14 I think, and he cooked me a big meal and said 'You don't have to do the washing up tonight, we're going to watch a movie and it's my favourite film of all time and you have to watch it.'  I sort of grumbled about it because it was old but then I realised that it was absolutely monumental and I've never forgotten it."

Read quotes on Lean from Sir Ian McKellen, Helena Bonham Carter and more here


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