Boudu Saved From Drowning - Jean Renoir's classic comedy of manners

3rd December, 2012

France has brought us some memorable films and filmmakers over the years, with Jean Renoir being one of the most celebrated. For this week's Classic Tuesday our Films Team have gone for Boudu Saved From Drowning - read all about it...

Bouda Saved From DrowningBoudu Saved From Drowning (PG, 11+)

Duration: 85mins
Year: 1932
Director (s): Jean Renoir
Cast: Michel SimonCharles GranvalJean DasteJean GehretMarcelle Hainia

A classic of French cinema, Boudu Saved from Drowning is a hilarious comedy of manners that also deals with the need for individuality and independence. Boudou himself is an anarchic, freewheeling homeless man, who takes up residence in a kindly bookseller's plush Parisian home - and then brings chaos and mayhem to the once-orderly residence...

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About Jean Renoir

Jean Renoir is a true heavyweight of French, and indeed, World Cinema. Son of the impressionist artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, his films traverse the line between the silent and the sound era, at a time when the medium was still in its infancy.

Renoir's influence can still be seen in films that are made today, not only those that come from France. Indeed, the celebrated Orson Welles frequently cited Renoir as the greatest filmmaker of all time, and considering Welles' Citizen Kane is widely considered to be one of the greatest films of all time, that's high praise indeed!

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