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Room on the Broom competition winners - check out this fabulous array of bog monsters!

3rd December, 2012

Magic Light Pictures' Room on the Broom is sure to be a festive hit this Christmas, following in the footsteps of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child and appearing on our screens on Christmas Day. Judging by the hundreds of competition entries we received from all around the country, it seems as if our members can't wait either!

We asked you to put your thinking caps on, get creative and come up with some inventive, fearsome and unique bog monsters - bizarre and brilliant creatures that can scare away a fire breathing dragon! The winner was judged by Room On The Broom producer Daryl Shute, and here it is:

Ladies and gentlemen, this is The Octobeast, conceived by Isabelle, 10, from Luddenham School Faversham. The trunk of an elephant, the eyes of a bush baby, the legs of a giraffe and the tail of a dolphin are all combined in this colourful and creative collage.

Isabelle's prize? An exclusive preview screening of Room On The Broom, which will be aired on Christmas Day, in her school accompanied by Daryl Shute himself! The school's club leader Natalie Ralph said: "Today was amazing, the kids absolutely loved it, a lovely Christmas treat and the film was brilliant!"

Teacher Ms. Edmonds agreed wholeheartedly and clearly loved the film, saying: "The children were totally engrossed, I certainly was! They thought it was brilliant - the characters had real personalities and you could hear the children sniggering along."

The runners up

There were so many great entries that we couldn't just showcase one. Daryl picked out five more which for an honourable mention

This great monster from Daniel has been given a name seemingly in a totally different language! A fearsome combination of tiger, bird and lizard. That dragon doesn't stand a chance!






7 year old Charlie went very Jurassic Park with his monster, with a dinosaur head and kangaroo feet, as well as an Indiana Jonse style whip and a deadly laser to protect the pouch containing all his power! His name? Keith, of course.



Dylan, aged 9, took a simple but effective approach for his monster, combining the legs and horn of a rhino with the body of an ostrich to form the mutant Rhinostrich!






6 year old Miles shows us just how much bigger than a dragon his Cannoball Breathing Beast is in his picture. The colourful monster would surely vanquish the dragon with ease!




Emily, 11, made her bog monster a new breed of creepy crawly, with butterfly wings, caterpillar's legs, a bee's body and a panda's head with snake's teeth! We love Lord Panda Head!





The best of the rest

Like we said, we got hundreds of great entries, so many that if we were to include each one you'd be scrolling down for days! Take a look through our photo album and pick your favourite!





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