Life of Pi star Suraj Sharma meets FILMCLUB reporter Finn

2nd January, 2013

Based on Yann Martel's Booker Prize winning novel, Life Of Pi tells the story of a young boy, Pi, who becomes stranded in the middle of the ocean after a storm hits the boat that he, his family, and a whole host of zoo animals are travelling on!

If you thought Pi felt scared, imagine how lead actor Suraj Sharma felt! The film was his cinematic debut, and before making it he couldn't even swim! With so much of the story resting on Suraj's shoulders, it's fair to say he was under quite a bit of pressure! He seemed in more relaxed mood chatting to our reporter Finn. Watch the video below:

Read Finn's thoughts on his first junket experience:

"After making our way upstairs to the Junket waiting room, we chatted for half an hour while I ate four chocolate pastries and drank a cup of tea. Then we got called in to interview him. Suraj was very nice, I had my picture taken with him and we surprised him when we showed him a photo of me, when I was five, sitting between and stroking two tigers. I then interviewed him and got our copies of the book signed.

After leaving the interview room, I was told by Joe as there was only one camera, I wasn’t filmed. I was gutted, as I had tried my hardest to look interested and reply to his answers. That meant that we had to reshoot some of the interview, without Suraj being there. I had to pretend that I was still talking to him but I was in a totally different room. Joe had to pretend to be Suraj and I had keep repeating my questions. It was awkward trying to look interested while nobody answered my questions.

After an amazing experience, we left the hotel and went outside so that Joe could interview me. We then said goodbye and went home looking forward to my next assignment."

So, you know the critics loved the film, but what did Finn think? Read his review below:

"Life Of Pi is a story about a teenager called Pi (short for Piscine), whose parents had a zoo, which they sold to move to Canada. They went on a boat with all the animals, but got caught in a storm. The boat sank and Pi got stranded on a life boat with a tiger. This was an awesome Adventure/Action/Fantasy film.

The new actor, Suraj Sharam, plays Pi. He got the part when he went with his brother to his audition, were there where about 3,000 people auditioning and he got picked out the crowd because of his expressive face.

This film was enjoyable because of the tiger and the animals, which looked so life like. I loved watching Pi trying to tame the tiger, as I really wanted to see if he could do it. Another highlight was when Pi was wandering round the Meerkat Island as the Meerkats were cute and entertaining as they retreated up the trees and the island was a beautiful in an enchanting way.  Also, I loved the storms, especially the way that they were so realistic making you feel as if you were actually there and making your heart race!

I did not enjoy seeing the animals on the boat fighting and being eaten. Seeing animals being hurt upsets me and as the CGI was so realistic it didn't look very nice. The film was so well done that it made me jump, which I have to say I don't really enjoy.

So overall, I think this was an excellent film and I would rate it 5/5 stars!"

A rave review from Finn! Have you seen it? Write your very own Life of Pi review.


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