Watch reporter Josh's TED talk about his development through FILMCLUB

3rd December, 2012

TED talks are all about Ideas Worth Spreading, and we're proud to say that at the recent TEDx conference in Bath, FILMCLUB reporter Josh presented a passionate speech about his personal development through his Talent Development training - we definitely think that's an idea worth spreading!

Watch Josh's full speech below:

Read a transcript of Josh's full speech below:

"Hi, I'm Josh, I'm 15 years old and last week I was defusing a bomb against the clock in war torn Afghanistan.

The week before that I was the first person to teach a robot to box professionally.

It was just a few weeks ago when I was saving a helpless princess from an evil King.

I'm here today to explain how I managed to adventure to these different worlds in films such as The Hurt Locker, Real Steel and The Princess Bride.  It is through participating in an event in my school during a weekly club.

I am a member of FILMCLUB, a national film charity that enables school children to watch movies and explore these new worlds and adventures every week.

I am a member of their Talent Development Scheme, it's for people who. like me, want to experience a bit more action. I was willing and open to any challenge, I didn't know where it was going to develop but I had the motivation needed to take the leap from being just an average school kid to someone who was able to achieve great things.

The Scheme trains kids up to become capable of doing 'assignments' whether that's interviewing industry professionals, going to film industry events and festivals or hosting a live webcast, an online show that all quarter of a million members have an opportunity to take part in and interact with.

These opportunities are for children who before wouldn't have a chance to touch the film industry or be allowed to explore it. Being allowed to have the opportunity of exploring the film industry leaves me hungry for more each time. Over this year I have the chance to experience first hand what it's like to be part of a youth development scheme and this is about my journey.
Picture me before I got involved with the Talent Development programme. I didn't know what I wanted to do in the future and although I had the confidence and people skills they were raw ingredients compared to the attributes I have today. I joined my schools club and was hooked from day one. I enjoyed the social experience that the club gave me, I could relax after a hard days work and engross myself in the films that were shown. But I didn't fully comprehend how many opportunities there were on offer until one day I was invited to an event at the Millennium Stadium on account of me winning a film review writing competition and being asked to write an article for the local paper about what happened at the event. I had my first taste of interviewing when I was chosen to speak to the Welsh Assembly member Leighton Andrews and the thirty second interview I gave to the press afterwards geared me up for great things ahead.

A few weeks later, as a result of this, I applied to become part of FILMCLUB's Talent Development Scheme to become a reviewer on the basis of a review I'd written about a the film that had really inspired me 'I Am Legend', the main character may have had to walk his road alone but I'd have the people and support needed to achieve what was ahead. So when they accepted my application and asked for me to become a reporter, I knew that good times where ahead but I could never perceive just how enriching they would be.
So, next I was invited to a training day but I wasn't sure what it was about or why I was doing it, I had a willing heart yet a slightly confused mind! Looking back, those training days were as important as school lessons, without them I wouldn't be able to achieve the things I have within the assignments I've had to this day. How to prepare questions for the talent (A.K.A. the person I'm interviewing), how to interview the talent, how to think on the spot, its extremely useful not merely for interviewing but outside of FILMCLUB too in the real world too.

I found that as I did more training days I was gaining the confidence needed to become a FILMCLUB reporter, at ease with any assignment I may be given in the future. Change is the keyword, I was being moulded from someone who could perform the occasional rap on stage and present assemblies into someone who was happy to speak at conferences and have his voice heard on potentially every radio in Wales. Yet I didn't know that back then and continued to learn from the training days

I felt extremely privileged to be traveling from the tiny village of Penally to the great London for exclusive training but I was yet to have my first taste of a proper assignment. But in May I had to put my training into practice for my first real assignment, I had to tour a film set before interviewing the actor Michael Sheen who has starred in films such as 'The Damned United' and 'The Queen'. Composing the questions I would be asking with the aid of imdb, youtube and wikipedia made me feel like a real researcher. But despite the film set tour and the successful interview the thing I remember most was the professional coolness I felt. I was totally at peace, unaffected by the status of the man I was interviewing, and it was down to the training days. They had managed to put me into enough scenarios within the training to make my assignment feel easily manageable. Although saying that, his signature does reside on my wardrobe!
Proud at the success of the interview I wanted more. I knew that I had the ability to do assignments yet I wanted to prove to myself that I could do more, plus I really enjoyed interviewing people, anyone would do! A few weeks later I was asked to interview the First Minister of Wales and two other assembly members for a short film of interviews compiled by FILMCLUB about making a difference. The campaign was encouraging young people to use their voice and why politics involves and motivates them. So again, I felt the peace, composed the questions, asked them and got a really good response.

I really enjoyed the whole political side to what I was doing, some of the answers really influenced how I now feel, the most memorable answer being when the First Minister told me how voting is like using your voice. It was also interesting talking to him off camera about things as well, topics such as music and films being discussed. I remember how he told us that he would love to get up every morning and run up steps like Rocky Balboa. It wasn't until I revisited the senedd for the third time to watch my interviews that it really hit me what I had done.

I gave a speech in the welsh assembly building, the person standing behind that podium that day barely resembled the person who sat in the audience watching movies last year, an almost indescribable transition. My favourite moment of the whole experience was being interviewed on BBC Radio Wales afterwards. My voice was out there, family and friends had heard me being interviewed and it was then that I began to understand that I had adapted to the way that the film and press industry worked and I was able to be a part of it.
So what's in store for the future? I'm happy to do any assignment given, its an honour to represent such an important, influential organization. I'm going to host a FILMCLUB webcast at the end of this month, an online show that many filmclubbers tune in to watch but apart from that, I'm looking happily into the horizon. Before I got involved with this Scheme I had no idea what career I wanted in the future but since experiencing what I have, I would love to go into journalism. Most of my friends don't have a real ambition in life whilst I've test driven mine many times over. Thank you for listening."

It's fair to say that the FILMCLUB office's cheers could be heard all the way in Bath when Josh finished his speech! Here's what he had to say about his experience:

Josh says:

"I was mildly worried when I got asked to do this speech because I wasn't 100% sure I could pull it off but now that I've done it I just feel so proud of what I've done, something I don't usually feel about my achievements. This time I really feel as if I've managed to impress people by my knowledge of film.

I just want to thank everybody who's supported me. This whole speech was about how I managed to become what I am today in the journalism field and I wouldn't be able to do that without FILMCLUB which is something I highlighted in my speech so a huge Thank You!"

Watching TEDx Bath 2012

As well as Josh there were many more film fanatics and movie experts to hear from - including Seret Cinema founder Fabien Rigall, Elizabeth Karlsen - producer of the upcoming Great Expectations, and award winning documentary maker Kate Blewett.

If you can't see these brilliant talks live, fear not! You can catch them all again on the TEDx Youth @Bath website following the Bath event.

Making A Difference

Josh has taken part in many exciting projects for FILMCLUB, but perhaps none more so than when we asked him to interview Welsh Assembly Members at The Senedd as part of our Making A Difference campaign. Watch below to see him in action.

About TED and TEDx

The TED conference began as a four-day event in California dedicated to encouraging debate and spreading ideas, and has now grown into one of the biggest annual events in the world, with speakers including Bill Gates, Al Gore and Sir Richard Branson. FILMCLUB co-founder Beeban Kidron also has the honour of being a TED speaker, and you can watch her talk on "The shared wonder of film" below:

TEDx events are local, independently organised programs that aim to recreate a TED experience on a smaller scale, with live speakers and andvideos aimed at provoking deep discussion and connection in a small group.

As well as Josh there were many more film fanatics and movie experts to hear from at TEDx Bath - including Seret Cinema founder Fabien Rigall, Elizabeth Karlsen - producer of the upcoming Great Expectations, and award winning documentary maker Kate Blewett.

If you didn't see these brilliant talks live, fear not! You can catch them all again on the TEDx Youth @Bath website.


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