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Review of the week: 14 year old Matthew reviews Skyfall

6th November, 2012

There aren't that many things in life that everyone agrees on, apart from, it seems, Skyfall. The new Bond film has received overwhelmingly positive reviews for it's intense action, breathtaking visuals and stellar lead performances. 14 year old Matthew from Astley Community High School loved it too, and his take is this week's featured review of the week!

Matthew writes:

"Alright, I had my doubts about this film, I was scared it was going to be gritty (like the more recent films) yet try to pull off a more jolly suave atmosphere (from the pre-Daniel Craig Bond films) but, thankfully, Sam Mendes has found that sweet spot where the film is very entertaining yet keeps its dramatic effect. It is Just Superb!

I'm guessing that if you're reading this you're a bond fan, and if you a bond fan you should know who Q is right? Q? Short man, grey hair, the one with hundreds of gadgets? Well he has returned in the form of Ben Whishaw. A computer whizz at only 32 instead of elderly men playing around with guns and gizmos. Don't get me wrong, the previous quartermasters were outstanding, such as the late great Desmond Llewelyn but I think that this one will be one of the more memorable throughout the series. As a character he has almost inherited the wit and quick thinking of he predecessors.

The plot is as thick as a 5 foot cube of jelly, and twice as absorbing, as it focuses more on James and M. This is brilliant timing for the anniversary by the way, we've had fifty years of James yet we knew nothing about him. It's about time we learnt at least something about his life before MI6 and the backstory they do give is exemplary.

To be simple this film is amazing. The villain, Silva, is sinister and deranged. He is a character that will sit alongside Goldfinger and Blofeld in the 007 Hall of Fame as the best of the villains. His voice is enough to kill, "She sent you after me, knowing you're not ready, knowing you would likely die. Mommy was very bad". He makes you internally terrified and as you learn his story you will just feel more and more disturbed by the character.

I would highly recommend this film and I don't think I need to tell you why. Just go and buy a ticket, watch this film and realise that was the best 2 hours and 23 minutes of cinema you have seen in a long time."

Skyfall competition

Matthew's review is now entered into our Skyfall competition where he could win a behind the scenes Bond book or a soundtrack CD. If you want the chance to win too, review Skyfall now!

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