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FILMCLUB's library of films has been selected for our members with specific goals in mind. To find out more about these goals and to understand the educational principles on which they are based, please read the FILMCLUB Programming Policy

Age Ratings

All our films have an age rating to let you know whether a film is likely to be suitable for the children and young people in your club. This isn't the same as a BBFC certificate, which is there to tell you what kind of content a film features and whether the BBFC feel it is safe for a particular audience. The Into Film age rating takes that information into account, but also factors in whether we think your club members are likely to actually find the film rewarding, engaging and entertaining. It's not a scientific process - as you know, what one ten year old (or five year old or eighteen year old!) will enjoy is very different to what another might - but we hope it will give you a useful guide as to whether a film is likely to be right for the children and young people in your club.

The Age Ratings we suggest are:

5+ Suitable for ages 5 and up. This is usually U and some more gentle PG certificated films.
7+ Suitable for ages 7 and up. This is largely U and PG certificated films.
9+ Suitable for ages 9 and up. This is largely U and PG certificated films.
11+ Suitable for ages 11 and up. This is largely PG certificated films and more gentle 12 certificate films.
14+ Suitable for ages 14 and up. This is largely 12 and 15 certificates. Note a 12 is a DVD rating, 12A refers to an in Cinema rating. In some cases U or PG films may be suggested as 14+, this is either because the film is from an earlier period when certification was less robust or, that we believe a film is maybe too complex or experimental for a younger audience to enjoy.
16+ Suitable for ages 16 and up. This is largely 15 certificates that we think are too extreme in content for anyone under 16 despite the 15 rating. It can also refer to some more complex or experimental PG or 12 certificate films from earlier periods.

Teacher's Guidance

If you click on the green button marked Teachers Guidance on a film's page, we can let you know whether it features bad language (and if so how much and what type). Not every film on our website features this guidance some don't need it and some we're still in the process of reviewing. For more detailed information on the content of specific films, please see the BBFC website and the parent's BBFC website.

Issues of Sensitivity

We hope that you'll have a thorough sense of a film's content between its BBFC certificate, our Teachers Guidance about bad language and the description of the film on its page. However, some movies may contain material that may cause offence to an individual or group of people. In particular, older movies date from a time when society had different ideas about language related to race, gender, sexuality, disability and a host of other issues.

If you do have concerns over whether to rent a specific film, or believe a film is not suitable for its target audience, please get in touch.

Subtitles and Audio Descriptons

Many DVDs have subtitles for the hearing-impaired and audio descriptions for the sight-impaired. You can find a full list of those available below:

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