This film has a couple of uses of strong bad language


Juno Rating: 12 11+

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92 mins

The low-budget movie that instantly became one of the best-loved films around. Packed with hilarious one-liners, it tells the story of Juno MacGuff - a smart, independent 16-year-old, whose life is changed forever when she realises she's pregnant by a boy at her school who has long nursed a crush on her. Eventually, Juno decides that the baby should be adopted by a "real" couple who can give him or her everything they're going to need. But life is never that simple, especially when you're having to take another life into account as well. Although young actress Ellen Page is fantastic as Juno herself, many fans feel that the movie's script, with its big heart and endless great lines, is as much the film's real star as any of the actors. Either way, the result is a treat.

PLEASE BE AWARE: After ordering Juno the disc you will receive will be marked as being a 15 certificate - however, this relates to the extra features on the DVD and not the film itself, which is certified with the BBFC as a 12.

Into Film has consulted the BBFC, and their guidance is that as long as a club leader screens only the film (and not additional features or audio commentaries etc), Juno can be treated as a 12 certificate in a school setting.

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  • This film made me laugh hysterically in places but had a strong moral behind it.

    Rebecca (18)


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  • Charlotte, 10

    2 out of 5
    Charlotte, 10
    2016-11-28 18:18:24

    on the picture she had aphone which looked like a bun just saying

  • Sam, 12

    5 out of 5
    Sam, 12
    2016-05-18 16:46:03

    Great must watch film very funny

  • Nashita, 14

    5 out of 5
    Nashita, 14
    2016-05-11 16:26:39

    I love this film because it was based on something that kinda happens in real life and how they portrayed the main characters feelings. This also makes kids aware of what can happen if you aren't careful. Interesting and engaging.

  • Damien, 11

    5 out of 5
    Damien, 11
    2016-05-05 08:31:08

    it a love film and it fun to and it need last love in it :(

  • Christy, 13

    5 out of 5
    Christy, 13
    2016-05-04 13:45:21

    A really good film!! Makes kids aware ove what can happen if you aren't careful. Interesting and engaging
    Loved it :-)

  • Joe, 17

    1 out of 5
    Joe, 17
    2016-04-20 15:05:30

    This film was unremarkable, awkward, and bland. I struggled to sit all the way through it. The writing process must have taken a matter of hours, the acting was emotionless and not what was expected from the films lead, and the comical timing was outrageous.

    I respect that comedies need jokes, and this is fine, however this was just taken to the extreme; with Juno every single one of Ellen Pages lines seemed to be an awkward joke, even in the most serious of situations. The worst part of this was that none of them even made me smirk, they were all just awful. The writing was as if an adult was portraying how they thought teenagers spoke, with dude and cool being used a seemingly infinite amount of times, just making it awkward and laughably bad. It made me feel patronised in a sense, that the writer thought teenagers were this ridiculous. Now you may argue it was dark humour, that it was picking fun at the serious issue it was viewing, however none of the jokes seemed to revolve around this issue, they all seemed to just exaggerate the awkward geeky teenager stereotype.

    All in all, this film was one of the worst movies I have ever had to bare, and it is definitely gonna be forgettable.

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