Wallace & Gromit - The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit

This contains very mild language and comic scary scenes.


Wallace & Gromit - The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit Rating: U 5+

4.2299 out of 5 696 Votes (Members)
81 mins

It's time for the annual Giant Vegetable Fete, and it's vitally important that the extra large carrots are protected - so Wallace and Gromit are on duty keeping hungry bunnies out of the way without harming them. Everything seems under control until the appearance of the dreaded Were-Rabbit. Will Wallace's inventions and Gromit's good sense save the day? This is the first Wallace and Gromit adventure at full movie length, but it's every bit as good as the earlier, shorter ones.

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  • they're was a contest for funniest film of the year then this film would win with flying colours.

    Thomas (12)


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  • Cerys, 0

    1 out of 5
    Cerys, 0
    2017-07-22 16:34:31

    i do not like the film because it is scary

  • Year 2, 7

    5 out of 5
    Year 2, 7
    2017-05-22 15:16:27

    We loved this film. The best bit was when Wallace lost all his clothes and he opened the door. I liked it when the were- rabbit was on.

  • Year 1, 16

    3 out of 5
    Year 1, 16
    2017-05-22 15:14:34

    The film was very funny. I liked the bit when the rabbit said 'Cheese'. The best bit was when the ware-rabbit became a man.

  • Lochlan, 13

    5 out of 5
    Lochlan, 13
    2017-05-12 06:27:05

    The film is about two inventors called Wallace and gromit, who is also a dog. In This film their job is to protect people's gardens from a rabbit invasion.
    Things go terribly wrong when wallace tries to make rabbits not like vegetables with one of his inventions, by accidentally swapping his brain with a rabbit's.
    I would definitely recommend this film for anyone who likes animation.

  • Jacob, 9

    5 out of 5
    Jacob, 9
    2017-03-09 18:16:10

    This film was pretty funny and scary when the big fat rabbit ate all the vegetables. The dog was great and is is the hero of the film!

  • Scarlet, 10

    4 out of 5
    Scarlet, 10
    2017-03-02 16:08:47

    I loved this film! Its really good, but it can get scary. Its like an adventure/mystery/love sort of film. Its really funny. I recommend it to all ages.

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