Whale Rider

This film has a couple of uses of moderate bad language


Whale Rider Rating: PG 7+

3.3844 out of 5 731 Votes (Members)
101 mins

Tradition causes trouble in a family when a young Maori girl wants to take up what she believes is her rightful place at the head of her tribe - because the man standing in her way is her own grandfather, and his love for her is not enough to change his belief that only a boy could ever lead the tribe. Set in modern New Zealand, Whale Rider superbly shows what happens when old-fashioned thinking gets in the way of people's potential.

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  • This is a beautiful and movig film which really makes the children think, whilst opening their eyes to different worlds and cultures effortlessly

    Jenni (Teacher)

  • This is a beautiful and movig film which really makes the children think, whilst opening their eyes to different worlds and cultures effortlessly

    Jenni (Teacher)


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  • Agnes, 10

    1 out of 5
    Agnes, 10
    2017-01-22 15:05:56

    the film was rude is some parts and it was really hard to understand their accent and the film was really unrealistic so i rate this film 1 star, and would NOT recomend it to other people!

  • Lily, 10

    4 out of 5
    Lily, 10
    2017-01-13 21:05:50

    This film was very inspiring and very caring to animals (whales) I personally didn't much like this film but I would still recommend it to friends and family.

  • Harley, 7

    4 out of 5
    Harley, 7
    2016-10-05 19:56:47

    I thought the film was good but I did not like the beginning of the film because it was sad

  • Rhian, 13

    4 out of 5
    Rhian, 13
    2016-09-23 15:04:07

    I liked this film I found it very interesting to learn about different cultures and too see what other people have been doing for years.
    Here is a quick summary about the film, this film is set in New Zealand and about a woman who was expecting twins a boy and a girl called Pai, the was meant to carry on the tradition of their family by being a Maori but sadly the boy didn't survive but the girl did and Paka who is Pai's granddad who wanted a boy. Pai is staying with her Paka. Paka gets a group of boys to teach them the tradition and only some got through and they sailed on a boat and Paka through is whale tooth into the deep water and told the boys who ever got it is going to be the Maori but he loses it and the boys go get it and Paka is devastated and his wife send Pai away to stay with her auntie and uncle and they go out to sea and Pai goes in the water and finds the whale tooth, Pai gives the tooth to her gran and she doesn’t give it to him. The hears whales crying. Whale is there animal. They all go down to the beach and all the whales are washed up, they try and save them and try to turn the biggest one around but they can’t. Everyone goes inside for a break and Pai goes along and climbs on one of the whales and it starts to move and goes into sea and she is now in the sea riding on this whale, she goes under and drowns but they found her and she was saved, her family is so relieved and so happy and Paka didn’t treat Pai very nicely but since he almost lost her his realized how bad he has been to her and he made Pai the new Maori.

    My Favorite part was when she goes onto the whale and rides it, this is a serious film I would say and I would recommend this film.

  • Jenna, 13

    3 out of 5
    Jenna, 13
    2016-09-23 15:01:41

    The Whale Rider is a film that follows the story of an adventurous, fun loving girl name Pai. Both her mother and twin brother died at birth which upset Pai's Paka (grandad) Koro more than anyone because he strongly believed that they should follow the traditions and have a strong, male chief. He neglected Pai because he defined her self worth by the fact that she was a girl no matter how well she did in the activities he had set for the aspiring young chiefs. Koro abused Pai and constantly shouted at her if she stepped out of what he thought a girl's' place' even though Pai had an unconditional love for him.

    I thought that the first part of the film was boring but if you continue to watch you realise it was just setting the second part of the film up to be better. The first half of the film was basically it setting the scene and showing the characters personalities, it had nothing to keep the audience interested in watching. The second half of the film really brought it back though. This is when events happen that make you want to keep watching and when the title actually becomes relevant to the plot.

    I liked the scenery throughout the film, the simplicity of it gave it a more natural feeling like it could have been a real family living in the real world. The music went nicely with everything that happened in the film which was good. The lighting wasn't too extreme nor too subtle as to see it wasn't there and the use of the time of day really added emotion.

    I liked that they kept the traditions of the culture to really understand the way they lived. I enjoyed watching them doing their cultures dances and hearing their songs.

    I didn't really enjoy when they talked in their native language throughout the dialogue though, if they didn't repeat it in English I would have been lost throughout the whole film.

    My favourite character was Pai. I liked Pai because no matter what Koro said or did she came back and carried on showing how strong willed she was and that although she wanted to take part in the boys activities she continued with her own as well to make her Paka happy.

    Overall I liked the film but there was definitely room for improvement.

  • Andrew, 14

    1 out of 5
    Andrew, 14
    2016-09-23 14:51:00

    In the film Whale Rider only males are allowed to ascend to chiefdom in a Maori tribe in New Zealand. This ancient custom is upset when the child selected to be the next chief dies at birth. However his twin sister, Pai survives. At age 12, she enlists the help of her grandmother and the training of her uncle to claim her birthright. But to break with convention, she'll have to do the impossible: win over her ultra-traditional grandfather. Pai has a love/hate relationship with her granddad but in the end she still loves him.

    She has a good relationship with her gran, uncle and her dad though not a lot from the dad.

    There are lot of things I really don't like about this film like the story- I found it really difficult to follow the story because I don't understand New Zealand traditions and i'm not interested in films that have a country tradition.

    Another thing I don't like about this film was the camera angles- I didn't like the camera positions because there were times (at the beginning) were the shots were everywhere they were all distorted and up in their faces.

    And the last thing I don't like about this film was the dialogue- I found the dialogue to be a bit cheesy and cringe all the time.

    There is only one thing I like about this film and the first one was the actor Cliff Curtis( he plays Pai's father Porourangi) just because he is in Fear the Walking Dead.

    Overall Whale Rider is one of the worst films I have ever seen in my life I do not want to watch this film ever again.

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