The Princess Bride

Contains fantasy violence and occasional moderate bad language.


The Princess Bride Rating: PG 7+

3.9296 out of 5 1520 Votes (Members)
94 mins

Here at last is a film that tells the truth - most of us hate the soppy bits in adventure films! Who doesn't want to skip past the good-hearted hero and perky princess to the cunning villain and hero's entertaining sidekicks? The Princess Bride takes apart the traditional damsel-in-distress story and puts it back together again, complete with a friendly giant, a dreaded pirate captain, a dashing swordsman seeking revenge, a cowardly prince and - eventually! - a brave hero and the beautiful maiden, in a film that quickly became thought of as a classic for kids of all ages - and for adults too!

Princess Bride

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  • This film is full of adventure and magic.

    Katy (15)


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  • Amy, 10

    3 out of 5
    Amy, 10
    2017-04-06 15:03:14

    It was OK I guess, but it wasn't the best film in the world.

  • Daniel, 9

    2 out of 5
    Daniel, 9
    2017-03-31 11:52:56

    I didn't really enjoy this film because, to be honest, I found it quite violent. This is the part I didn't like because I just don't like seeing blood. It makes it look gross to me. Another part I didn't enjoy and I don't with many films is that a man swore and that effects me and I'm just thinking we'll then... But there was one part that I did enjoy. I like those moments where it's a 1v 1 situation because it just gives that effect that makes films stand out. Overall, I gave this film 2 stars because there was a couple of parts I liked. For example, when the king dropped his sword and ran. But to end, a part I didn't like was when there was an image of a six fingered man and that just creeped me a ton.

  • Natalia, 9

    1 out of 5
    Natalia, 9
    2017-03-30 19:04:02

    Do you like adventures? Then this film is for you! This is a fairytale about a pair called Buttercup (Robin Wright ) and Westley ( Cary Elwes ). One day, Westley had to go . Buttercup got informed about his death. She decided to find another man and marry him as a princess. But did Westley die? Find out in this romantic adventure!

    The camera has been used in different points of view so if someone is watching it can have a look at the character. The colour has been used in colour however it was made in the 90's. The pictures sometimes began to shake for a bit.

    I really liked the movie! It was funny, romantic and exciting! I recommend it for 7's and 6's and above because it has some scary scenes and they sware one time but its amazing and fun to watch!


  • Christian, 11

    4 out of 5
    Christian, 11
    2017-03-30 17:30:27

    You! Yes, you! Do you enjoy films that are aimed around princesses? Do you love the transition from storytelling to the real thing? Well, if so, then i have just the film for you! Meet The Princess Bride, a fun, different type of film, that isn't like any other. As the film goes, a little boy is sick, and seems more interested in his videogames, than his dear old grandpa. Eventually, the boy asks what his grandpa wants, and he replies with, "I just wanted to read you this story, my grandfather read it to me when i was sick, and now I think that it's time for me to read it to you." Eventually, grandpa persuades the young child to let him read the story, and then it all begins.

    This film is very different from most films, one of the more funnier parts, is when some kissing happens, and the boy interrupts, which stops it being shown. The main plot, is a princess, that lost her love, and declares that she will never love another. Then, she is forced to marry a stubborn, unfaithful young prince, who seems the most unfit person to marry anyone. He tries to force her to marry him, which makes him seem more desperate than ever. Next, they go on all sorts of serious adventures, which i leave for you to find out yourself.

    So overall, this film is ok, genuinely because it focuses on the serious side, rather than the jokes, or any funny aspect really. I give this film 3 stars, for the same reasons i stated above. I would recommend this film for 9 and over, mainly due to the fact that there is minor blood and swearing.

  • Joseph, 9

    5 out of 5
    Joseph, 9
    2017-03-30 07:00:24

    Do you like adventure? If you do this is the film for you! The princess bride is an amazing fairy tale type film. I would recommend this to age 7+ because there is some sword fight scenes.

    Buttercup ( Robin Wright ) is in love with Westley the family's farm boy. Westley ( Cary Elwes ) was meant to go on a trip ,but Buttercup received some disturbing news. Westley had died on the trip! Buttercup wouldn't eat or sleep for days. After a while, Buttercup went to the village and on the way back she met some strange people. One was tall. The other was small. They took her away in a boat and someone was following them! The figure had a sword fight with Ingo (one if the people who took Buttercup in the boat ). The figure continued and saw Buttercup with the small man. They had a game with poison to see who could have Buttercup. The figure won!!

    The Figure was...

  • Aron, 8

    4 out of 5
    Aron, 8
    2017-03-29 16:47:23

    I like this film becuase it makes me laugh my favorite part is when he drops the sword and runs away the main characters are :
    A strong man

    A person who looks like Batman

    And the princess
    I also like the beginning because it's funny it all begins with a boy playing video games and his grandfather comes in and gives him his present. Then the boy opens it and feels angry because it's a book and he doesnt like reading his grandfather asks him do you want me to read it. And then the boy says come on then. Then his grandfather begins to read it all starts on a farm where the princess lives.

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