This film has a few uses of moderate bad language, strong sex references and drug references


Cabaret Rating: 15 16+

3.4000 out of 5 5 Votes (Members)
124 mins

A nervous young Englishman named Brian Roberts discovers that the Berlin of 1931 is a very strange place indeed - at once seedy and magical. He's soon taken under the wing of exotic cabaret dancer Sally Bowles, and a romance between the pair blossoms against a background of champagne, violence, and the remorseless rise of Hitler's Nazis. There's fantastic tunes and dancing galore, but this is no ordinary musical - for all the hedonism, you can sense that danger and tragedy lie around the corner, in a film that manages to be at once sad, hilarious and unforgettable.

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  • silva, 19

    5 out of 5
    silva, 19
    2014-05-08 12:46:52

    “What good is sitting alone in your room, come and hear the music play. Life is a cabaret my chum, come to the cabaret” which of course is the heart of the glitter covered, sequin wearing, toe tapping wonder emporium that is the Kit Kat Klub, packed up to the rafters with high notes, transvestites and raucous laughter. Between the choices of all that and my room, I know I would rather be on a Saturday night, because 1932 Germany is the place to be! But I warn you to get there fast, because what is waiting on the horizon will defiantly ruin the party.

    Oh forgot my manners, allow me to introduce to you Miss Salley Bowles (Liza Minnelli), husband richest man in the world and of course a future acting superstar, a creature of true divine decadence as she would better put it. At a glance her eyes may be full of youthful exuberance and naivety, but when you look deeper, you realize it’s all just a ploy, a false bravado to keep her fragile spirits from being damaged. But the only person who knows this is also a person you would describe as the exact opposite, Brain (Michael York) who is a uptight, straight laced, bisexual Englishman, the absolute antithesis of everything that is Sally. Yet the signs of a beautiful romance begins to blossom between them. But life is never that easy, because the malicious Nazi party waits around the corner and a love triangle with Maximilain threatens to thrust the romance into inescapable turmoil.

    The 1972 Academy Awards was the battlefield of two almighty giants that waged war against each other for the rights of their place on the cinematic throne for that year. The battle was of course won by Godfather when it took home Best Picture, but with a mammoth total of 8 Oscar nodes, including a Best director for Bob Fosse and best actress for Minnelli, I doubt Cabaret will be feeling to down after the event. You realize why Cabaret did so well with each repeat viewing gives you something completely different; may it be songs for yours next karaoke night, a celebration of weird quirks or must importantly a chance to awe at Minnelli’s delightful performance as Salley all over again.
    I would be the first to admit I was nether much of a fan of musicals, I found them to be plot less, lacking in any character depth and just generally derivative. So film like Chicago, Moulin Rouge and high school music’s never really appealed to me, I just shudder at the thought of being in a world where people would randomly start breaking out in song and dance for no real apparent reason. But then I saw Cabaret, I wouldn’t even say it’s entirely a music, it more a film with musical numbers in it and certainly not derivative on contrary it’s multilayered and brimming with subversive themes that are as relevant to 1932 Germany, right into 1972 America and forward to worldwide today.

  • Stranks

    4 out of 5
    2013-12-03 09:42:04

    Regarded as a classic, Cabaret is a must watch.

  • Oakley, 13

    5 out of 5
    Oakley, 13
    2012-06-08 16:46:46

    I adore this film. I have seen the musical and was worried that the film might not do it justice. But it did! Except for a few changes which were needed to make it into a film I really felt like I understood Sally and she didn't seem the character that she does in the musical. I love the story and find the ending brilliant but I did prefer the musical ending. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN MUSICALS YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!

  • Katherine, 10

    1 out of 5
    Katherine, 10
    2011-11-09 20:18:04

    looks weired. I don't really want to watch it

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