Song of the Sea

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Mild threat.


Song of the Sea Rating: PG 5+

4.0433 out of 5 231 Votes (Members)
92 mins

After the disappearance of her mother when she was a baby, 4-year old Saoirse, who lives on a small island with her father and older brother Ben, discovers a magical coat that turns her into a seal-like creature called a Selkie. Having spent the night swimming with the seals, Saoirse is found washed up on the shore by her Granny who decides she and Ben would be safer living in the city. One Halloween night, longing to return home, Saoirse awakens some Faerie creatures, leading the two children on a weird and wonderful journey back home. Beautifully drawn with a bewitching soundtrack, this is an enchanting feast for the eyes and a heart-felt celebration of traditional Gaelic storytelling and folktales.

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  • Greta, 10

    5 out of 5
    Greta, 10
    2017-06-27 20:11:28

    In my opinion, this film is fantastic. At the end of the film, I had a few tears crawling down my cheeks.

    In the film, there is a boy called Ben who's mother is a selkie. The selkie gave Ben a shell, which she got from her mother when she was younger. Ben's mother was about to have a baby, so she went into the sea and saved her child. Her child was a girl called Saoirse. Ben and Saoirse's grandmother went to their house. When it was night Saoirse found Ben's shell, she took it and went to the bathroom to blow it. When she blew it there was little circles of light around her. The light led her to a treasure chest and showed her the key. Saoirse opened the chest and found a white coat. She put it on while the light led the way to the sea. When she swam in the water she turned into a seal. Sometime later her grandmother went down to the sea and found Saoirse lying on the sand. She took her inside and put her into bed. Saoirse's father saw the coat and took it, he put it back in the treasure chest and threw it in the sea as well as the key. The next morning the grandmother took the children to live in her house because in her opinion where the children lived it wasn't safe. Ben drew out the way they went and decided he would go back for his friend, who was his dog. When Ben and Saoirse were at their granny's house Ben escaped through the window followed by Saoirse. What interesting things could happen next?

    I think the theme of this film is about loving your brother or sister and believing in yourself.

    I recommend this film to everyone because it's about love and friendship, which is the most important thing in life.

  • Hanisha, 7

    5 out of 5
    Hanisha, 7
    2017-06-24 09:46:26

    I liked the film because it had a lot of sad drama.I also liked the seals because I absolutely love animals and sea creatures.It's really good for the age of 7 and up.You can see that there's a little girl at the cover and that kind of gives away a bit of it that's all.The girls name is zirsha and that's a nice name.Well thats what I think.It was a very sad ending though.

  • Paige, 11

    4 out of 5
    Paige, 11
    2017-06-23 19:06:53

    The song of the sea

    This enjoyable film was a pleasure to watch. Tomm Moore filmed it to make you feel like you're a part of it and they have really paid attention to the fact that it's aimed at children, so they have kept it on the right level of colourful content creation and exciting accompanying musical score.

    This ninety two minute long film was jam packed with emotional scenes which were emphasised by a varied and enlightened soundtrack. Without the music, this film wouldn't be half as good as it was, the soundtrack really compliments the film and I thoroughly enjoyed watching it. The music was so good; it was like listening to Sarah Brightman singing live in a musical.

    The film was created in 2014 and stars Fionnula Flanagan, Brendan Gleeson, Pat Shortt, David Rawle, Lisa Hannigan, Jon Kenny.

     My favourite character was a Ben because he was very brave and determined to achieve things.

    I would highly recommend this film for anyone who enjoys animated adventure stories.

    I give this film four stars.

  • Milly, 10

    5 out of 5
    Milly, 10
    2017-06-23 18:51:08

    The Song Of The Sea

    Do you like music and songs? Yes? I thought so. So dive into the sea with Ben - who is a young and Irish boy. His little sister - whose name is Saoirise - is a girl who can turn into a seal. Come on an adventure to free faeris and save the spirit world.

    If it was your sister's 6th birthday would you let her have everything? Ben wouldn't. Ben's mother gave him a secret treasure of her mothers. A shell. But if you are thinking well a shell isn't that important then think again, because this one shell can controll the power of land and sea. Could you cope if your sister kept stealing it? Saoirise was supposed to be asleep but was she? NO!!! She went into the attic and found the most treasured thing of all...

    The Song Of The Sea has the most wonderful music of all, when there was a tense moment there would be tense music. If there was a sad moment then there would be sad music. If this film had no music then it wouldn't stand out but because of the music it did so I rate this film 5 stars.

    Watch The Song Of The Sea to find out more...

  • Isobel, 9

    4 out of 5
    Isobel, 9
    2017-06-23 17:09:02

    It was a good film a bit scary in places.
    My favorite characters were Ben,Cu and Saoirse.
    I thought the Owl Witch and Grandma were scary.
    The music was wonderful and calming.

    It didn't make me feel over emotional but overall it was a good film.

  • Jome, 10

    5 out of 5
    Jome, 10
    2017-06-22 17:22:07

    Do you like music?If you do then this film is for you.

    The story is about a young boy who is named Ben who does not like her sister(Selkie) because she can not talk and tries to steal his cone that his mother gave him.One night Selkie went to her brother's room and grabbed his cone, she then went to the bath room and blowed into it quietly so his brother does not wake up.When Selkie blew it there was some white things leading her into a strange room.There was key on the table and a chest there in the middle of the room.She went and opened the chest.

    The music I particularly liked because there all kinds of different music and not just one type throughout the whole film.There was joyful music, sad music, and some kind of creepy music.

    I would definitely recommend this to those who do like music and I would also like to watch this amazing film again!

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