Tales of the Night Rating: PG 7+

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81 mins

This visually bold anthology of French animated stories from Michel Ocelot (who brought us the Kirikou films) uses a distinct style of animation, selected by the young narrators, for each tale. The six fairytales, set in a variety of world locations, focus on questing heroes who must prove themselves through difficult tasks. In one, a young man in an Aztec city of gold resolves to save a girl from a monster; in another, a Tibetan boy who rides a talking horse faces a king’s devious plan to trick him into lying. Complete with werewolves, magical instruments, sorcerers and mythical beasts, this captures the enchantment of storytelling.

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  • Vrushika, 14

    3 out of 5
    Vrushika, 14
    2017-03-22 23:18:34

    'Tales of the Night' is a extraordinary animated film which tells you about six different folk and fairy tales. The author used black silhouettes for humans and animals to convey the story to the audience. The movie is highly suitable for primary school children as they are quite immature and they learn things quickly.It teaches children the ways to solve extreme problems in life by using different cultural story examples from all over the world. the movie teaches us a lot of lessons, for example, the conflict of good and evil and how good always wins which creates positivity in the atmosphere.

    The film is divided into multiple parts. The characters are actors for the tales approached in the film. It is easy to understand the plots of the tales (as it is suitable for children). However, the film can be scary for children can't figure out the difference of make-believe. It is hard for 3-4 years old who won't understand that the film is just a tale.

    In the film there are themes like equalism,love, power, excetera. The message of spreading optimism is clear in the film. It indicates the evilness of human power and the positiveness of human power; shows that good always wins. It can also encourage young children to help others and be favorable to everyone.

    One thing I loved the most about the film is the message the author conveys through tales from around the world which indicates the freedom of the author. This film was very unexpected if judged by the cover. It was written in France by Michel Ocelot with English sub-titles. The movie is artistic and bright.

  • Summer, 8

    5 out of 5
    Summer, 8
    2017-03-16 17:23:28

    I loved it because the different storys

  • Hayley, 7

    3 out of 5
    Hayley, 7
    2017-03-16 17:22:33

    I sort of liked it because they don't show there face.

  • Jessica , 9

    4 out of 5
    Jessica , 9
    2017-03-16 17:07:30

    luved the film altogether but my fav part was the silhoets I also liked the story about the girl tho got turned into an animal xox

  • Zara, 8

    5 out of 5
    Zara, 8
    2017-03-16 16:57:02

    I liked tales of the night because it had lots of stories in one from zara

  • Lily , 8

    3 out of 5
    Lily , 8
    2017-03-16 16:55:39

    i loved the animation they must have been clever to make this

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