Tales of the Night Rating: PG 7+

3.4474 out of 5 38 Votes (Members)
81 mins

This visually bold anthology of French animated stories from Michel Ocelot (who brought us the Kirikou films) uses a distinct style of animation, selected by the young narrators, for each tale. The six fairytales, set in a variety of world locations, focus on questing heroes who must prove themselves through difficult tasks. In one, a young man in an Aztec city of gold resolves to save a girl from a monster; in another, a Tibetan boy who rides a talking horse faces a king’s devious plan to trick him into lying. Complete with werewolves, magical instruments, sorcerers and mythical beasts, this captures the enchantment of storytelling.

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  • Anna, 26

    4 out of 5
    Anna, 26
    2016-10-10 15:45:09

    I really liked how they did the shows because they made it interesting. The animals were very fierce but they became very nice in the end. CS.

    I liked how there was a difference between the silhouettes and when they planned the play.
    I'll remember when the werewolf found out that his fiance had dropped his chain in the well because you can't assume anything - you need to know the truth. I was surprised about how colourful the land of the dead was. KS.

  • Nuala, 8

    5 out of 5
    Nuala, 8
    2016-06-08 17:33:29

    This film is very good , is very different and tells a different story every 10/15 mins .I have never seen anything like tales of the night.Tales of the night has many different shapes and the people have many different voices .Tales of the night is set very nicely and differently to other films . I would recomend this film to people who are interested in shapes and different sounds. I would give this film a 10/10 because it is amazing tells you many stories and has different shapes.

  • Alyssa, 10

    4 out of 5
    Alyssa, 10
    2016-03-21 18:29:55

    Tales of the Night is a collection of French tales. It's brilliant - really brilliant!

    The three characters are all actors, and they act out every story, with their own costumes. It is a cartoon film, and all the characters are silhouettes, and look 2D. This story contains princes, princesses, magic, and much, much more! Do you think you can take it?!

    My favourite story was one set in Africa, and is a story about a normal African boy, who loves drumming tom-toms! But nobody else does! Could he finally succeed in his dream to play the magic tom-tom he's heard all about?

    I would rate this a 4/5, and say children 7+ would enjoy it more than younger children.

  • Ayman, 10

    4 out of 5
    Ayman, 10
    2016-03-20 16:14:29

    This film is a good film. It is all about 3 people who create a short film about 10 minutes long and are all about different things. My favourite one is the one when the guy is put through 3 different challenges and if he gets one wrong, he will get chopped up in the chopper. My favourite actor is the guy who played the main part in all of the short clips. I recommend this film to 8 - 13 years old but you should watch it even if you're over 13.


  • Grace, 9

    4 out of 5
    Grace, 9
    2016-03-19 18:01:51

    This film is about lots of different french stories, my favourite was about a boy finding a magical drum. Some of the stories you may find a bit complicated, but others you might find exciting.I would rate this film four out of five stars.I would recommend this film for people who like stories about love.

  • Ellie, 9

    4 out of 5
    Ellie, 9
    2016-03-19 14:31:12

    This film is very exciting and amusing. It is made up of around 5 different stories. I like that the stories are all different and they all give a different message. Some of them are very romantic and some of them are really adventurous. The only thing that I didn't like was that the characters are all silhouettes. I would recommend it to people who like fairytales and romance. I would rate it 4 stars out of 5. I think children from the age 7 to the age of 10 would enjoy this amazing film. It is exciting and, in some places, quite funny. The actors make it wonderful by changing their voices to fit their characters. You should definitely watch this film!

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