Street Dance

This film contains mild language, sex references and violence.


Street Dance Rating: PG 9+

4.3935 out of 5 770 Votes (Members)
94 mins

A London dance crew are getting ready for a big competition when their leader, Jay, bails on them. How will Carly, who's now in charge, convince them that they can still win? She gets an interesting offer of rehearsal space from the Royal Dance School - but there is a price: she'll have to add classical ballet moves to the routine. Can it work? Sure, there's nothing hugely original in the story, but the film has tons of energy and appearances from Flawless and Britain's Got Talent winners Diversity.

Fascinating Facts

Britain's Got Talent stars George Sampson and Diversity both appear in StreetDance 3D

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  • Layla, 13

    3 out of 5
    Layla, 13
    2016-10-20 13:40:30

    The dancing was good however the storyline wasn't, it became boring after a while

  • Shannon, 13

    2 out of 5
    Shannon, 13
    2016-10-16 08:39:05

    this film was ok didnt intrest me much

  • Jayden, 9

    5 out of 5
    Jayden, 9
    2016-10-05 22:09:35

    If you like dancing a LOT(like I do) you'll probably enjoy this film because it's groovy and plus you like dancing, didn't you get a hint from the title. I recon you'll like this better than the step up films, which are quite amazing, because there's lots and when I say lots I mean lots of humour, if your Simon Cowell reading this you'd laugh at who's in this film when I release into the world, they're a dancing crew who was on the telly and about 75 million people saw what happened on Britan's got talent to them, who else could it be but Ashlie Banjo and his crew, Diversity. Time to get onto the film and what it is based around, so the story is based on some plucky dancers in a crew reaching for the stars battling throughout the streets of London to finally get to the top of the world, be in the hall of fame and that type of thing. You might find this film a little under-rated because it has some swear words, which us filmclub members hate to tread upon, I'd rate it myself, nobody else's idea just me, around a 12A because you'd really want to watch it but it all depends on the parents so not up to us I'm guessing?! Anyways the storyline's based on... wait wait wait cut cut can I have a moment to think about something, ugh Jimmy why'd you right that, anyways I'd like to talk to you about the ratings and particularly why I liked the film, (don't hate me for me liking dancing please), I liked the film because the best of the best dancing was accomplished by the young superstars aiming to have the top life, OK I've mentioned that already so let's carry on. Also it's based in the UK (the place where I live),I mean like most of the dance films destinations are in the USA and France, so we'll done and for the last addition of all is I hope you have a lovely time watching it because I hope I've persuaded you enough to go on eBay or go to he pound shop and buy the one all mighty comedy/drama/coolness type of film called StreetDance (there is also a newer StreetDance but I'd thought why not take it old school please don't hate).
    Right I hand the power over to you to ask your parents for money to buy this film that's value is £4.99 and watch it days after days.

    (Review of newer street dance will be out soon)

  • Farah, 13

    2 out of 5
    Farah, 13
    2016-10-04 15:37:00

    I love the story and you can relate some of the scene..

  • Jasmin, 11

    2 out of 5
    Jasmin, 11
    2016-10-02 18:00:01

    I gave it two stars because it was nice and all but I thought all the hip hop was a little bit too much for my liking and all the slang in it but all the same I liked it a little

  • Emma, 13

    4 out of 5
    Emma, 13
    2016-09-29 15:35:32

    I really like this film beacuse when you love to dance you can learn some of their moves if u like street dancing and i love how it has abit of romance in.

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