Wall Street

Contains strong language, drug use and moderate sex.


Wall Street Rating: 15 14+

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126 mins

In theory, ruthless moneyman Gordon Gekko is the villain of Oliver Stone's film about American high finance. But for many people, it is clear that Gekko with catchphrases like "Lunch is for wimps" and "Greed is good" is the amoral hero of the story, one of the great movie characters and an unwitting inspiration to some men and women who have gone to work in finance. Gekko is idolised by up and coming broker Bud Fox, who ingratiates himself into Gekko's shiny and ruthless world. But as their ambitions both become ever greater and their tactics increasingly illegal, both characters are faced with tough moral challenges. The film raises questions around ethical behaviour in the financial world which remain relevant today.

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  • Robbie, 14

    5 out of 5
    Robbie, 14
    2012-04-13 18:45:05

    Michael Douglas was awarded the 1987 Oscar for Best Actor for his brilliant performance as Gordon Gekko, a financial wizard who lures an ambitious young stock broker, Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) into the illegal, lucrative world of coporate espionage in this gripping morality tale about the American Dream gone wrong.

    For starters, the scripting is fantastic. Gordon's dialogue is just brilliant, especially the scene where Gordon gives a speech to an audience as other bankers criticise him. This scene contains one of my favourite film quotes of all time: "Greed.....For lack of a better word.....Is good"

    The cast are superb, in particular Michael Douglas, who indeed deserved his Oscar. He portrays the character with wit, charm and an attitude that only a businessman could have. Charlie Sheen is also brilliant, as is Martin Sheen, who plays Bud's Dad. Although it is only a small role, John C. McGinley is also pretty good. The only thing I generally dislike about the film was Daryl Hanna's character. I did not care for her in the slightest, not to mention that I don't think she's that good an actress.

    Daryl Hanna bored me and the money talk got a bit confusing, but neither of those pull Wall Street away from it's reputation as one of the greatest films of all time. 5 Stars.

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