Let's face it, pirate videos are not cool. You have to sit and watch a fuzzy screen, filmed by a wonky camera, with people getting up to go to the toilet. Not to mention the terrible sound!

But actually the most important reason why you shouldn't buy them is because, due to piracy, there's a lot less money around to fund exciting new films. In fact, piracy costs the film industry millions of pounds each year. If film-makers cannot afford to take as many creative risks, the movies we watch may end up losing their magic. None of us want to see that happen!

FILM CLUB is possible thanks to the support of the film industry, but it is exactly the type of project that will suffer if piracy continues. So please, don't buy pirated DVDs or illegally download films. Choose one here, through LOVEFiLM, your local rental company or, if it's a new release, go and see it at the cinema. Let's support creativity.

Thank you.

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