Swallows And Amazons

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A faithful adaptation of Arthur Ransome's beloved children's book, this delightful film follows the adventures of four children on holiday in the Lake District in 1929. The children sail their boat Swallow to an island where they set up camp, only to discover the island is already the territory of two local girls with their own boat, the Amazon. The Swallows and the Amazons go to war, under the watchful eye of the girls' uncle, an old sailor living on a houseboat with his parrot.

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  • I really liked this film because it was fun and adventurous

    Robbie (12)


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  • fahmidah, 0

    3 out of 5
    fahmidah, 0
    2015-07-24 12:02:06

    I rate this film 3 out of 5 because they have missed many parts from the story but I don’t blame them because it is really good quality for a movie made in the 1970s.Another reason why I chose 3 out of 5 is because it didn’t have any fake animation to it. This film is about children who explore an Island.This film is suitable for children 8+ because children under will be saying to their guardians what does this mean what does this mean 50 times a day ,however they may find it funny because of parts when they sing or when they dance to a song and be really happy and express their feelings.First of all they are going to the lake district all four children were writing to their farther who is in Hong Kong if they could go camping because they want to explore the island. Their farther had replied by saying better drown duffer if not duffers won’t drown. When they stayed the other team attacked by shooting a bow and arrow right near the youngest opponent. Finally the components become one full team and become jolly for maybe the rest of their future. Children may like it because it involves pirates.

  • Tasniya, 10

    5 out of 5
    Tasniya, 10
    2015-07-24 11:58:57

    I would give this film a 4 out of 5

    I think this film is suitable for little kids that love adventures and boats.

    The children go to the lake district for a holiday while they were getting their boat. With the boat they found an island and met the Amazons and they were called Peggy and Nancy.

    There were 2 boys called Roger and John, there were 2 girls called Susan and Titty. One day they planned to go camping they were looking for places where to camp. Finally they found a place after all that searching So Roger found a place and told everyone to come and they started camping there. The day they started to go camping they collected sticks so they could cook their food. when they was sailing on their boat their was 2 girls spying on them maybe to follow them. When the Swallows found a parking space they parked their boat there. They found a note which said “BETTER DROWNED THAN DUFFERS IF NOT DUFFERS WONT DROWN”.

  • Farhana, 10

    4 out of 5
    Farhana, 10
    2015-07-24 11:58:31

    Fantastic film since it was made in the 70's and was one of the first colour movies.
    I would give this film a 4.5 because it had good quality and didn’t look fake.

    I think this film is suitable for kids but little ones won’t understand so about 8+ because they will understand what is happening, whereas the little kids will just say “boat” This is a great movie because it doesn’t have any bad pictures or words. This is movie is just about exploring near the lake and sailing on boats. This is appropriate for all ages, even adults can watch it, it is okay because it isn’t scary.

    This film is about 4 children who were going on holiday, and it starts of when the family are on a train to Holly Howe to stay there for their holiday. When they arrive they ask their mother if they can explore and their mother said yes, and that they had to come back before it gets dark. All 4 of them wrote a letter to their father for permission to camp. The next day Roger, gets the letter from his mum and asks if he is allowed. He goes and delivers the message to them. The letter said; “better drowned than duffers if not duffers won’t drown” they tried to figure it out, then Titty told them what it meant. When they went home they packed everything.

    The next day their mother says good luck and makes sure they had everything. They borrowed their fathers boat it said Swallows. As they were sailing they found an island and wanted camp on it, so they moored their ship and unpacked it. Roger helped Susan cook, and Titty went wen with Roger when they saw the Amazons they thought they were boys, after they had ate they heard an explosion also saw a man waving his arm, they didn’t know why he was doing that. While they were getting their campfire ready they saw and arrow, and a knife, and saw the Amazons, they argued with them, they returned the knife, and Captain Nancy taught John a trick. The next day the three of them went to Rio and Titty stayed on the island, when it was night Titty followed the Amazons and captured their boat, in the morning they saw the boat and congratulated Titty, then they saw Captain Flint and a police officer, Peggy and Nancy told them they planted the firework on Captain Flints boat, he apologised to John and challenged the Swallows and Amazons to capture his boat. Then they went and made him walk the Plank, Titty surprised Captain Flint and he surmised them with ice cream and cake. He gave Titty his parrot, and promised Roger a monkey.

    I like this film because it was outstanding, and was impeccable. This film was really good since it was made nearly 40 years ago.

    The actors looked posh, the movie was posh because they had a nurse to look after them and they were quite formal, because they said father and mother.

    When I watched the movie I thought it was better than the book because even though they couldn’t fit everything in I still understood it. mother.

    Even though they missed some parts, they kept the important parts, in the it turned out to be a great movie, I think that it was better than Flight of the Navigator because it didn’t look fake, it was better quality.

    First they went somewhere for holiday then they went to the lake district and decided to camp there, then they met the Amazons and made enemies with Captain Flint, then they challenged each other to capture each other’s boat, Titty managed to catch the other boat. The Amazons made friends and Captain Flint, Titty surprised Captain Flint by finding his book, she wanted a parrot so he gave his parrot to Titty. Roger wanted a monkey.

  • Zeenath, 10

    4 out of 5
    Zeenath, 10
    2015-07-24 11:58:21

    I will give this film 4 stars because the film missed out a lot, but on the other hand the book tells you the ending and it doesn’t end in the middle of the story, also I still think that it is a very interesting film and entertained the class and helped our imagination.

    In my opinion I think that this film is suitable for children aged 7 and over because, children will find it entertaining because there are pirates such as Susan, John, Titty and Roger. On the other hand some children that are older might not be entertaining because older children such as children over 10 or 11 because they might think that they are too old for it. In addition to that, I also think that adults can be entertained because it might be a book they have read in their childhood and it will bring back memories.

    In the story there was 4 children named Susan, Roger, Titty and John and they wanted to go camping so they asked their Dad and then there Dad replied with ‘ BETTER DROWN THAN DUFFERS IF NOT DUFFERS WON’T DROWN’. Roger received the letter but he didn’t know what it meant so they thought it was a yes .So they packed their things and set off to go camping. When they reached there they found an arrow they were nearly killed, suddenly there came out two pirates they were called Nancy Blakett and Peggy Blakett. They challenged each other to steal each other’s boat and see who becomes captain. I also think that the ending was very interesting as well because they meet a new captain.

    I think that the film was very interesting and it helped my imagination, but I thought that the book was better because it carried on and it was more interesting. in the book Captain Flint wasn't as kind, the children went to the neighbours farm more and things like that. The film would have been better if they had carried on the story.

    I also think that the characters played really well to be pirates because they were only little children .

  • Afsana, 10

    5 out of 5
    Afsana, 10
    2015-07-24 11:52:39

    I rate this film a 5 out of 5 because there was no animations where they look fake and it was bright for a film made in the 1970’s however they did miss many parts out from the original book but the thing that made me rate it a five was that the quality was unexpected, the previous film that my class watched ‘Flight of the Navigator’ was bad quality plus the fake animations as well. This film had a lot of adventures in it.This film is suitable for 7 + because younger children will not understand the film unless they are really clever. This film does not contain any bad language so it will be fine.First of all they found an island which they think is magical and so they go back home to tell their mother. They tell her that they found an island and they want to camp on it. They made a list of things to take and matches to light the fire. They sent a telegraph to their father who was in Hong Kong. Their father replied ‘better drown duffers, if not duffers won’t drown’ So they borrowed their father’s boat which was called ‘Swallow’ to go there. While they were there they found another boat called Amazons. There was a native there who blamed them that they blew a firework on his houseboat but at the end he found out that they did not do it.The film was better than expected even though they did miss some parts of the book. Swallows and Amazons really attracted me. First of all I thought that it was about jungles and lakes and things to do with nature.The settings fitted in with what they were doing. Roger in some parts was acting weirdly and it looked fake. Susan was dainty. My favourite character was Susan because she was sensible and she could solve problems like Titty.This movie missed a lot of parts out and even some scenes like where the native knew their mother.People who like movies that are to do with adventure would really like this.Overall I think that people would recommend this to other people even I would myself. My final opinion was that this film could improve if Roger had a little more natural look.

  • Abid, 9

    5 out of 5
    Abid, 9
    2015-07-24 11:51:57

    This movie is in England in 1924. There's 2 boys and 2 girls. They go on the river Amazon. They go on a boat called Swallows and while there sailing they find a house boat. They saw a parrot on a guy called captain flint. Then they find an island and camp on it. They make a light house with a light. 2 other people come and rob the island and say it’s theirs. The people are girl pirates they want revenge because their uncle never talks to them. So he made it up to them by giving them nice food and he let them make him walk the plank.

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