Whale Rider

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This film has a couple of uses of moderate bad language


Whale Rider Rating: PG 9+

3.4863 out of 5 691 Votes (Members)
101 mins

Tradition causes trouble in a family when a young Maori girl wants to take up what she believes is her rightful place at the head of her tribe - because the man standing in her way is her own grandfather, and his love for her is not enough to change his belief that only a boy could ever lead the tribe. Set in modern New Zealand, Whale Rider superbly shows what happens when old-fashioned thinking gets in the way of people's potential. English and Maori dialogue, subtitles in English.

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What you say

  • This is a beautiful and movig film which really makes the children think, whilst opening their eyes to different worlds and cultures effortlessly

    Jenni (Teacher)

  • This is a beautiful and movig film which really makes the children think, whilst opening their eyes to different worlds and cultures effortlessly

    Jenni (Teacher)


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  • Ovidiu, 11

    3 out of 5
    Ovidiu, 11
    2014-02-14 20:42:26

    I love nature documentaries.(especially the north pole ones.)

    So when I heard the title "Whale Rider" I was actually quite intrigued....

    Whale Rider tries to blend some of the New Zealand cultures and traditions with a modern twist.
    And that's a very good idea.

    But where makes up in original ideas, it lacks in good characters.
    Some either tried too hard to be themselves or weren't trying at all. Sadly there's more, the pacing of the story isn't what you'd call heart-stopping either. As its slow to start and quick to end.

    There is also a slight problem with the accent, I don't mean to offend anyone but sometimes it was a bit hard to understand what they were saying, (but maybe that's just me.) anyway,
    Happily this doesn't happen most of the time and you can easily understand what they are saying.

    Sadly in the end, the title "Whale Rider" doesn't really reflect on the actually movie that much.
    Its a nice movie, but not nice enough for me.

    If your into over the top action this is not the movie you're looking, but if you like a quite little movie, which may be quite predictable at times, this should't do any harm to watch.

  • Joseph, 10

    3 out of 5
    Joseph, 10
    2014-02-14 20:15:21

    Whale Rider, where do I start, well if you like a film with a lot of action this is definately NOT a film for you!! This is because it is a tiny bit confusing and very boring because it is a cultural film about the New Zealand tribes. If you are going to see the movie, you have to stick with the slow start and the confusing moments, so if you like the first hour of the film you will like the rest of it. I would not recommend it to any person under the age of 30. When you get older you tend to like more things, because after watching it you would moan because you had just wasted 2 hours of your life watching a movie that was like watching paint dry!! However, I am pleased we are watching a movie nobody has heard of, because Filmclub is all about watching the biggest UK blockbuster to a movie from New Zealand that almost everyone in the UK has never heard of. Also I have learned new things about culture in New Zealand and how girls can't lead tribes, so its not all bad about this movie. I am going to rate this movie a 3 because as I said it is a boring movie and because its not my type of movie, I will not to want to watch it again and not recommend it to nobody!! It is an ok movie.

  • Jessica, 10

    4 out of 5
    Jessica, 10
    2014-02-14 16:40:44

    I really enojoyed this film because it's funny I have given it a four because I thought I could of been better.

  • Joshua, 10

    2 out of 5
    Joshua, 10
    2014-02-14 07:53:13

    Whale rider was a bit of a waste of time. It didn't go off to a start. It was as slow as my sister running against me. Also if I saw the writing translated into English I would of had more of a clue of what was happening (but unfortunately I have bad eye sight and I was sitting at the back) but I didn't and I didn't get the point of things. I also learned what the haka meant after knowing what it means by sticking your tongue out. It did involve words but they weren't the worst. I read some of the reviews from different schools and I saw that year 3's watched it and they were confused. I was also confused. They also said there were sad parts included in it but I didn't feel it. Also it was a bit to predictable because in the middle of the movie Mr Davies pointed out what everyone was thinking. I know this is stupid but it was hard to understand their accents. It sounded like stop the cat instead of stop the car. It's definitely not my cup of tea and I do prefer different genres of films. I wouldn't watch it again and a would recommend the Whale Rider to ages 10+. I don't think it should of been 9+ because there were parts which weren't suitable for year 4. Even if I don't like it have a go, you might give a better review and found it sad. I don't think I heard enough of the movie because Aimee was laughing all the way through the movie.

  • Molly, 10

    5 out of 5
    Molly, 10
    2014-02-13 19:44:24

    I gave this film 4 stars because at the start of the film the Australian accents were hard to understand. This film is great, but it was quite slow at the beginning.

  • Jacob, 10

    1 out of 5
    Jacob, 10
    2014-02-13 19:42:48

    I did not see this beepin' film

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