Whale Rider

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This film has a couple of uses of moderate bad language


Whale Rider Rating: PG 9+

3.4863 out of 5 691 Votes (Members)
101 mins

Tradition causes trouble in a family when a young Maori girl wants to take up what she believes is her rightful place at the head of her tribe - because the man standing in her way is her own grandfather, and his love for her is not enough to change his belief that only a boy could ever lead the tribe. Set in modern New Zealand, Whale Rider superbly shows what happens when old-fashioned thinking gets in the way of people's potential. English and Maori dialogue, subtitles in English.

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What you say

  • This is a beautiful and movig film which really makes the children think, whilst opening their eyes to different worlds and cultures effortlessly

    Jenni (Teacher)

  • This is a beautiful and movig film which really makes the children think, whilst opening their eyes to different worlds and cultures effortlessly

    Jenni (Teacher)


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  • Tyler, 8

    5 out of 5
    Tyler, 8
    2014-03-11 17:54:48

    At the beginning of the movie we saw a lady giving birth to twins but sadly the mum and baby boy both pass away, leaving the baby girl to grow up with her grandparents.
    The grandfather is a cheif who believes his ancestors are whales and that only men can be cheifs and carry on there traditions.
    However with the help from her uncle, kahu paikea learns how to use a taiaha (fighting stick) and she also listens in on her grandad (koro) as he teaches at his cultural school to learn more.

    I thought this was a really good film in showing how girls and boys are equal.
    I also learnt about some traditions from the people from New Zealand that were quite funny.
    I would watch this again.
    My Mum also really enjoyed this film even thou it made her cry

  • Milana, 11

    2 out of 5
    Milana, 11
    2014-03-11 16:32:26

    I gave this film two stars because although some parts grabbed my attention, I don't really think that it was a genre that I particually like. Personally, I think that I prefer comedies or aminations because to be honest, I am not a very serious person. I thought the film was a bit to deep for me to be able to enjoy as much as I would later on in my life...

  • Ewan, 10

    2 out of 5
    Ewan, 10
    2014-03-07 17:04:34


  • Ethan, 9

    3 out of 5
    Ethan, 9
    2014-03-07 07:35:05

    This film was pretty boring. The only bit I like is their language.

  • Georgia, 10

    3 out of 5
    Georgia, 10
    2014-02-15 19:22:54

    I think it was quite good but it was slow at the start and as the film went on I understood it more so I am rating this a 3

  • Maddi, 9

    4 out of 5
    Maddi, 9
    2014-02-15 18:55:36

    I am giving it a 4 beacause their was funny parts sad parts and mean parts too. It would be nice
    for you to watch it . You mite cry on sad parts but it is a great to watch . WATCH IT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

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