The Iron Giant

This film has a couple of uses of mild bad language


The Iron Giant Rating: U 7+

4.1210 out of 5 2710 Votes (Members)
86 mins

Bringing to life the much-loved story by British poet Ted Hughes, The Iron Giant takes place in a quiet American town in the 1960s. The tale begins when a young boy named Hogarth follows a trail of huge footprints leading from his house into the woods - and finds an iron giant from space! Instantly the two form a firm friendship, and when the army try and destroy this enormous visitor, Hogarth does everything he can to protect his giant pal. Beautifully animated, this is a film with lots of wit and a huge amount of heart.

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  • I loved this film!!! It's really funny and sad and tense all rolled into on

    Katherine (16)


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  • millie, 9

    3 out of 5
    millie, 9
    2016-06-14 16:07:04

    The iron Giant had a nice a story to it some parts it was intresting some times i got extremely bored. The story is about a boy called Hogarth and a robot called the Iron Giant it is a story with friendship and honesty this is about Hogarth trying to save and cover up the Giant from the Evil detective. Here are some examples why it was boring,firstly it had two many toilet scenes also it was not exiting.The good parts are,that it got you wondering what is going to happen next and it is really makes some people scared and want to cheer on the Iron Giant at the end. Personlly my favriote part was at the end when the Iron Giant tryed to be the villages hero. The films animation was so out of date it's not like now because it has black outline. I rated this three stars because i got bored and exiting i thought it was an okay film.

  • Kira , 9

    5 out of 5
    Kira , 9
    2016-06-14 16:06:35

    The iron giant is an emotional film because Hogarth thinks his best friend dies. Hogarths best friend is a massive iron giant. The iron giant is personnaly my favorite character. Near the end it was very creapy. And dont even say anything about the music, it was so dramatic and it made me feel like i was inside the film. It is also a friendship title film developed by a little boy and a giant. At the start of the film. I would maybe rate it a 5 because the music and the animations are very old and quite dated. The music came on at scary times or funny times and i feel like those are the best parts to put that kind of music in. The movie is different to other movies because the main character trys to save a giant, and at the end the iron giant sacrifices his life for hogarth.
    OMG the music was amazing and a bit old fashioned. I loved the settings in the film because there is always exiting things to happen there.

  • Evan, 8

    5 out of 5
    Evan, 8
    2016-06-14 16:04:46

    I liked the part that when the giant made a tonado of water it was like a flud. The next faveriote part was when the giant had all the missiles in the world. I was scared when the giant when he was chasing the boy. I loved the part when the giant eat metal it was so funny. Also i liked the part when the giant was in the scrapyard and he made a tree out of metal. One of the part that i enjoyed was when all the swat came and they all thought that the giant was fake. And the grathics were a bit good but the film was only made by 1999 but it is really cool. The film is very good and i think it is sutible for kids. This film is for kids and it is very good. It is good but having lasers and guns that would not be sutible for babys. If you can see this is a old film because of the animation, the animation is like rubbleskin but it is still alright.

  • Megan, 9

    5 out of 5
    Megan, 9
    2016-06-14 16:04:08

    The iron giant is an emotional film about a boy who found a giant robot.The boy is called Hogarth.
    I personally love the bit when the robot had jet packs in its feet and I hated the detective.Entirely it is one of the best films I have seen in my whole life that is why I gave 5 stars.The giant is a very gentle soul but he has a bad side to him and he hates guns.The films animation is old but you can see it clearly.The actors are really good, so thank you Brad Bird for thinking of the film.The music is so unbelieveble especially when its dangerous.
    My second favourite bit is when the iron giant becomes Hogarth's friend and when he turns out to be a total softie.This is a description of the Iron giant. He has white glowing eyes and a shining silver body.he can't properly talk but you can still understand him.

  • Jarrad, 10

    4 out of 5
    Jarrad, 10
    2016-06-14 16:04:00

    I persanlly enjoyed the iron giant because there was some really intresting parts in the flim. The main characters are the iron giant and hogath. My favrite part is the end of the film because what the giant did for the villige was good. The story is about a boy and a giant.but the film can get really boring at points thats why i only rated it 4 stars. The animation like aged because the film was made in the old times. The iron giant was almost killed by the guverment and they tried to brake the friendship between hogath and the iron giant. The iron giant has a great storyline to it.

  • Devon, 10

    4 out of 5
    Devon, 10
    2016-06-14 16:03:22

    The iron giant had a very nice story to it . Everyone thinks the iron giant is evil but he is not.. Or is he. My favorite character is Hogarth because in the film he is a very adventurous child. It was quite sad at some parts but very funny at some.The films music is very dramatic. The character I don't really like Kent Manley because he is an quite a bad person in the film. The film is about friendship between a boy and a giant. I Liked this film that is why i rated 4 stars. The film was quite outdated and about 1 or 2 blips in it. It has a phew mistakes such a pauses and stop in this film. But still an amazing film.

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