Alice in Wonderland Rating: U 5+

3.8048 out of 5 712 Votes (Members)
73 mins

What you might think of as foolish behaviour in real life - following the instructions on a cake that says "Eat me"! -- leads to a series of bizarre and unforgettable adventures in this much-loved adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic story. All the strange and wonderful characters from the book (the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat) can be found alongside the adventurous Alice herself, as she tries to make sense of the crazy world in which she finds herself.

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  • It gives you this weird sense of being on a different world that is just great

    Maeve (11)


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  • ELICIA, 8

    4 out of 5
    ELICIA, 8
    2015-05-20 16:39:17

    I really liked the film it was really good but it was quite boring at the same time still really good

  • Rebecca, -1

    4 out of 5
    Rebecca, -1
    2015-05-12 15:54:19

    Alice in wonderland
    I like the film because it is quite different from other films and the Cheshire cat was funny. I had already seen it a few years ago but I now realised how interesting it really is. Also, it was a brilliant opportunity to adventure through each scene of the movie. My favourite character was Alice because she was kind and she helps others. I like this film because it helps you have a good imagination.
    I would recommend it to an audience of all ages but mainly to 5-7 year old’s.

  • Sarah, 10

    3 out of 5
    Sarah, 10
    2015-05-12 15:50:10

    I enjoyed the film my favourite charter is dormouse because it is cute and its cute because it’s always sleepy my second favourite charter is the white rabbit because it’s so so so cuddly and cute and I want to squeeze the life out of it . I would rate the film 5 out of 10 I find the movie kind of weird
    I think this is appropriate for 5 to 8 years I also like the queen of hearts because she short tempered and the characters are awfully crazy over all I would give a thumbs up
    I found it slightly boring.

  • Noa, 9

    1 out of 5
    Noa, 9
    2015-05-12 15:46:00

    This movie is scary in a very weird way. I did not like this movie at all because it makes you feel scared and confused. Mostly confused. You’ll probably want to know why, well, keep reading and you’ll might find out.
    This movie’s base story is about a girl called Alice and she’s very imaginative. One day she falls asleep when her sister was teaching her and dreams about this crazy cuckoo-land. And what’s more, she went there (fall into there) by running after a white rabbit with a J-I-N-O-R-E-M-O-U-S-E pocket watch. Then she falls into a hole and land in this weirdo-land. Crazy right???!!!! But that’s not the end, she also sees and talks to a TALKING door, swims in her own pool of tears, has an unbirthday (which is every day of the year but the day of your birthday) with a crazy and weird hat seller (Mad Hatter), hear flowers sing (and fight) and sees the Queen of Hearts (who screams at everyone with no reason all the time and is mad) and play with her the weirdest kind of croquet you could think of.
    You should have guessed my point now (which is that this movie can damage your brain HARD) and if you didn’t you’re the Queen of hearts and not from this world. I hope you took me seriously. And if you didn’t, please do.

  • Sonja, 9

    4 out of 5
    Sonja, 9
    2015-05-12 15:42:54

    Alice in Wonderland
    I like this movie because it is interesting and it was fun to watch. I have already seen
    it so it was a good opportunity for me to explore the depth. I would give it a 4/5 because
    it only had a few songs .This movie was also good because the subtitles did not block
    the screen a lot like it does in some movies. My favriote character is the Cheshire cat
    because he was funny and you never know which trick he will play next. My least favourite
    character is the queen of hearts because she is very spiteful towards Alice. I think this movie
    would be a bit better for 6 year olds but it is still okay for me. Finally, I would like to say
    that overall this movie is very good and I highly recommend it.

  • Parya, 10

    5 out of 5
    Parya, 10
    2015-05-12 15:42:02

    Alice in wonderland
    I have currently seen the movie Alice in wonderland and as far as I know, I didn’t see any upsetting or inappropriate parts in it. My opinion is that no matter how old you are, even if you have a baby in your family, you can still watch it. Maybe if you watch a different version e.g. through the glass mirror, you might find a few scary and ominous things. There is none of this romance business (that was a warning). If you are new to this film, I hope you enjoy it.
    My favourite character is the Cheshire cat and that is because he is like and infra-red cat that can appear at any time he wants. Also, when Alice go’s to the Queen of Heart’s palace, he starts appearing (not trying to be rude) on her bottom. Now, what I find really weird is that he starts talking to Alice, but the queen doesn’t hear him speaking, but when Alice reply’s, she starts nagging at her to stop talking to herself. Sometimes, he does some completely weird things like pulling a branch and letting Alice into the queens palace.
    I would say he is sort of a main character in this film. My reason is that he guides her (Alice) in wonderland. I am not saying that he stalks her like an owl, but he appears whenever she needs help. Sometimes when she is sad, lost or for any other reason. For his silliness I would give 99% because he sort of makes fun of Alice and that is not very nice. For his movements, I would definitely give 100% because he can jump up, do a headstand but he leaves his head where it is, but his hand on his head, lifting up his body.
    So, from what you have read about the Cheshire cat, I hope you have the same opinion that I have! If you are against them, that is OK, I have no battle! Enjoy watching the film yourself!

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