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73 mins

What you might think of as foolish behaviour in real life - following the instructions on a cake that says "Eat me"! -- leads to a series of bizarre and unforgettable adventures in this much-loved adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic story. All the strange and wonderful characters from the book (the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat) can be found alongside the adventurous Alice herself, as she tries to make sense of the crazy world in which she finds herself.

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  • It gives you this weird sense of being on a different world that is just great

    Maeve (11)


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  • Sonja, 9

    4 out of 5
    Sonja, 9
    2015-05-12 15:42:54

    Alice in Wonderland
    I like this movie because it is interesting and it was fun to watch. I have already seen
    it so it was a good opportunity for me to explore the depth. I would give it a 4/5 because
    it only had a few songs .This movie was also good because the subtitles did not block
    the screen a lot like it does in some movies. My favriote character is the Cheshire cat
    because he was funny and you never know which trick he will play next. My least favourite
    character is the queen of hearts because she is very spiteful towards Alice. I think this movie
    would be a bit better for 6 year olds but it is still okay for me. Finally, I would like to say
    that overall this movie is very good and I highly recommend it.

  • Parya, 10

    5 out of 5
    Parya, 10
    2015-05-12 15:42:02

    Alice in wonderland
    I have currently seen the movie Alice in wonderland and as far as I know, I didn’t see any upsetting or inappropriate parts in it. My opinion is that no matter how old you are, even if you have a baby in your family, you can still watch it. Maybe if you watch a different version e.g. through the glass mirror, you might find a few scary and ominous things. There is none of this romance business (that was a warning). If you are new to this film, I hope you enjoy it.
    My favourite character is the Cheshire cat and that is because he is like and infra-red cat that can appear at any time he wants. Also, when Alice go’s to the Queen of Heart’s palace, he starts appearing (not trying to be rude) on her bottom. Now, what I find really weird is that he starts talking to Alice, but the queen doesn’t hear him speaking, but when Alice reply’s, she starts nagging at her to stop talking to herself. Sometimes, he does some completely weird things like pulling a branch and letting Alice into the queens palace.
    I would say he is sort of a main character in this film. My reason is that he guides her (Alice) in wonderland. I am not saying that he stalks her like an owl, but he appears whenever she needs help. Sometimes when she is sad, lost or for any other reason. For his silliness I would give 99% because he sort of makes fun of Alice and that is not very nice. For his movements, I would definitely give 100% because he can jump up, do a headstand but he leaves his head where it is, but his hand on his head, lifting up his body.
    So, from what you have read about the Cheshire cat, I hope you have the same opinion that I have! If you are against them, that is OK, I have no battle! Enjoy watching the film yourself!

  • Isabella, 11

    1 out of 5
    Isabella, 11
    2015-05-05 16:17:37

    Alice in wonderland
    Alice in wonderland was not my type of film. It had a bad story and I did not understand anything that was going on. I really disliked the cast and I thought the music was too high pitched. I thought Alice’s voice was very whiny and it sounded like she was moaning all the time. The movie had no point and nothing really happened. It did, in some parts, have some slightly amusing parts. I only recommend this film to very young children, older children will probably think this film as very pointless and babyish. I think that older adults may like to watch this film with young children as it is very old fashioned. Also it is very dramatic as Alice cries and cries and cries. Also the film has very short scenes and the animations were terrible. They were almost scary as they were so bad. The cast sounded as if they were very bored and I thought they were a bad choice. The main point of the film was that Alice was chasing (more like stalking the poor thing) a white rabbit
    My ‘favourite’ character was the caterpillar. He was really laid back and lazy and he smoked his vowels. Alice angered him and he fumed at her, it was a shock as he was so slow and lazy. His scenes were very short though, so you couldn’t really learn anything about the characters. In the end of his scene, turned into a butterfly. I think that was wise to include that so you actually knew what species he was.
    I really didn’t like this film. It is really unrealistic as you don’t fall down a hole, get lost, go to court, then wake up and realise it was all a dream. I think it was a very bad way to end the movie. Most of the characters were really annoying and did not need to be included in the film. Walt Disney added to many events in the film and no excitement, suspense or detail. Therefore I strongly disagree with the blurb and reviews on the cover of the DVD and I do not recommend this film. I might be wrong, and you may love the film and I respect if you love it but I really did not enjoy this movie and I will try not to see it again. I hope you take my advice to mind and not watch this film if you are not a grandparent or a very young child. This film was too dramatic, unclear and pointless for my liking.

  • Tamar, 10

    3 out of 5
    Tamar, 10
    2015-05-05 16:16:43

    Alice in wonderland review

    Alice in wonderland is a classical Disney family film fit for kids and adults of all ages. Although this film is not particularly for me, it has some funny and entertaining parts that I did like. I’m not allowed to tell you all the parts as I will ruin the film for you, but I will tell you one that I thought were really funny. Guess what. You have 365 birthdays a year! In fact, you have 364 unbirthdays and 1 birthday a year, so there is always something to celebrate! Now, I better get going and talk about my ‘favourite’ character. I only have 15 minutes to finish…
    My ‘favourite’ character is the White Rabbit. He is a cute with lots of energy at all times (just like me!). He hurries everywhere and is very forgetful (just like Me!) and is short and chubby (just like me!). So, as you can see, the White rabbit is basically a rabbit version of me! He is the main reason Alice is wandering around Wonderland. The entire film is about her looking for the rabbit, but he always seems to be late for a different occasion, until she realizes she doesn’t need him and has searched for him for nothing…
    Now, I think I have talked enough about the white rabbit. I should move on and talk about another favourite of mine; the Queen of Hearts. She is an enormously fat lady, who has to win and will behead whoever disappoints or annoys her. She tries many times to chop Alice’s head off but, unfortunately for her, never succeeded. Her servants (playing cards) hate her and are forced to do as the queen wants but sadly, they normally don’t last long – the Queen of Hearts always finds a reason to behead or kill the poor cards.
    I have talked enough and have come to the end of my review. Take my advice; don’t watch this film alone. It can be very scary. I hope my review on this film helped you decide what to do.
    By Tamar

  • max, 10

    3 out of 5
    max, 10
    2015-05-05 16:16:28


    I didn’t like the movie because it is too young for me but maybe it would be better for someone a little younger such as between 4-7 year olds. If I was a little younger I probably would have liked it.
    It has very good graphics. I like how it is set in a fantasy feature with lots of magical creatures. I like the idea of some of the characters that have a feature of cards for instance: the guards.
    I would rate the movie 4/10 however if I was younger I would have rated it 7 or 8/10.
    I hope you will enjoy the movie

  • Erica, 9

    5 out of 5
    Erica, 9
    2015-05-05 16:15:35

    Alice in Wonderland
    I really like this film even though it is about fifty years old. I didn’t see any upsetting or inappropriate scenes. The characters are all very funny but mad, my favourite character is Alice because she isn’t mad or anything else.
    The movie is about a girl called Alice that dreams of going to a wonderful land called wonder land and she ends up in a beautiful garden with singing flowers, somehow they end up being very mean and calling her a weed because she said she was a type of plant …
    I would rate this movie 9.5/10
    If I was younger I would rate it 10/10
    I have said enough now you go watch it and find out the rest for your self. I hope you enjoy! …………

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