Turner And Hooch

Turner And Hooch Rating: PG 9+

4.0841 out of 5 107 Votes (Members)
95 mins

With Hooch the only witness to a murder, small-town policeman Turner (Tom Hanks) begrudgingly befriends him to help sniff out the culprit. Just one problem – Hooch is a dog. Solving the crime soon becomes a mere sideshow to the main thrust of this lightweight caper - the slapstick chaos of a messy, mountainous mutt pairing up with a neat-freak cop. In between drooling jowl-shakes, we enjoy a late night stake out and an almighty wrestle to wash Hooch. Despite having almost only a dog to bounce off, Hanks displays plenty of the charm that had earned him an Oscar nomination for Big a year earlier. This novel twist on the cop buddy thriller is made unavoidably entertaining thanks to Hanks.

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  • erika, 12

    5 out of 5
    erika, 12
    2014-06-10 12:52:31

    its a great movie when im older i would
    love a dog like this

  • Scott, 10

    3 out of 5
    Scott, 10
    2014-05-22 16:31:37

    I loved the film it was very funny

  • Jess, 9

    2 out of 5
    Jess, 9
    2014-05-22 16:30:13

    Turner and Hooch is a slightly sad film. I gave it two stars because I didn't like all of the guns and the shooting or the way the animals/humans died. It was quite a depressing film but I liked it when Scott Turner got a girlfriend. I will not tell you who that was because that will give it away. My favourite characters were Hooch and the old man and I thought it was funny when Scott Turner left Hooch in the house alone. I don't want to give it all away but I have to say, he loves being tidy and well.... uh oh!!!!
    I hope you enjoy.

  • Dee, 10

    1 out of 5
    Dee, 10
    2014-05-15 17:29:43

    This movie is about a man who lives by himself as a crime detective. He finds that every thing has a meaning. Due to this something has to happen so overnight his friend is murdered! But who did it? This old man had a dog, living with him on the peir, who this special detective has to adopt to fufill his job.

    My favourite character is Dr. Emily Carson because she is helpful and tries to find any possible way to help animals ( especially for dogs) to try and make them healthy. Though that is my opinion for i am only one person and my opinion can be very different to others.

    I would rate this movie a 4 because it is great and all but i am not a fan of all the violence. Apart from that it is a great film and you should pick it up to watch it at you house with your family.

  • Daisy, 11

    4 out of 5
    Daisy, 11
    2014-05-15 17:29:18

    A brilliant film starring Tom Hanks as a clever investigator, when a murder is witnessed the only witness their is Hooch (the murdered persons big dog) but how is he going to get the answer from Hooch?

    Sad and upset, Hooch is taken in by investigator Turner but will he really want a big slobbering dog chewing his shoes and stealing his food?

    I would personally recommend this film to 9+ due to the fact that it has quite strong violence. Over all this a great film I would definitely suggest for you to watch this!

  • Katy, 10

    3 out of 5
    Katy, 10
    2014-05-15 17:29:13

    This film is about a detective that works for the police force called Scott Turner. Somebody murdered an old man called Amos by his house so Scott came to investigate the crime. Amos's dog hooch had to look after him! Along the way of solving the murder Scott meets a vet called Emily who helps look after the dog. Will they ever solve the murder? Watch the film to find out!

    My favourite character was Emily because she helped Hooch get better when he was hurt.

    i would rate this film 9+.

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